How To Clean Plastic Outdoor Furniture

Cleaning plastic furniture

Outdoor furniture can take a beating in any season. If the furniture that used to decorate your patio has become a mess or an eyesore, it is time to clean the furniture. Follow these steps and the plastic outdoor furniture will be clean and looking like new in no time.

  1. Remove cushions or non-plastic parts. If the furniture has any cushions or covers that are fabric or not plastic, remove them from the patio furniture. Toss any washable fabrics into the washer to remove any dirt or weather debris.
  2. Hose off debris and loose dirt. Use the garden hose to spray all sides of the furniture, including the bottom. Remove any dirt and yard debris that has accumulated. This is a great time to inspect the furniture for broken pieces or sharp edges and schedule repairs if needed.
  3. Mix Oxi Clean with hot water. Gather Oxy Clean or other bleach based cleaner and combine with hot water into a bucket. Stir so the mixture is combined.
  4. Wipe solution onto all plastic surfaces. Use a sponge to liberally wipe the solution over all surfaces. Make sure to wipe the corners and creases well so that the solution comes in contact with all the surfaces and can begin cleaning.
  5. Let solution sit for thirty minutes. Leave the furniture alone while you start working on another piece of furniture. Let the solution work to oxidize and bleach the gunk and debris that is stuck on your patio furniture.
  6. Rinse and scrub any stained areas. Use the hose and a scrub brush to rinse the solution off the furniture while you scrub and stains that are stubborn and difficult to remove.
  7. Repeat as necessary. Depending upon how long you waited between cleanings and how long the outdoor furniture was left out in the elements, you may need several attempts before your patio furniture is sparkling clean. If these steps don't work the first time, then try wiping down with the cleaning solution a second time.
  8. Let clean furniture dry in the sun. Once the plastic patio furniture is clean it needs to dry. Set the pieces out in the sun to dry for several hours. Then if you want consider spraying with an outdoor finish paint to protect against future staining.

Outdoor furniture doesn't have to be dirty. It can be as clean and inviting as your indoor furniture if you are willing to try these steps to clean the plastic outdoor furniture.


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