How To Clean Rust Stains Off Your Swimming Pool Deck Quickly and Safely

When there’s water, there’s mold, mildew, and rust. Take a look at your swimming pool deck and the proof is there for you to see. The explanation is scientific but cleaning your swimming pool deck should be easy without turning to scientific methods. Unless pools are built on space, using calculation to clean it is just odd.

Meantime, here’s how you can start cleaning your swimming pool deck in very little time.

  • Check your pool’s PH level. There’s a PH-testing kit you can buy for this purpose. Take a sample of water from your pool to place in the tester. Your water will turn all sorts of pool color and red/green should be the indicators that your PH level is high. When it is high is the most ideal time to accomplish this task. If you have zero knowledge about doing this yourself, ask someone to do it for you.
  • Buy and set aside the following needed for this job:
    • Muriatic Acid – depending on how big your pool deck is, the estimation and recommended size would be a gallon.
    • Large unused bottle with spray nozzle.
    • Long garden hose with water disperser and volume adjuster.
    • Eye goggles
    • Hard-bristled and coarse brush.
  • Wear your goggles to protect your eyes from the fumes of the Muriatic acid. If you have a mask to protect you from inhaling the fumes, all the better. You will be doing this outdoors anyway so most of the fumes will easily disperse but precautions such as these will help to make this task safer. Additionally, make sure none of the acid comes in contact with your skin. With all task involving chemicals, it is always good to err on the safe side.
  • Mix a 50/50 combo of acid and water. It is important to place the acid before adding water. Pour this in the bottle with spray nozzle. Replace the cap tightly. Set aside.
  • Turn the garden hose up full. Spray a liberal amount of water on your pool deck.
  • Take the acid and water combo. Start spraying the same liberally all over your pool deck until the combo bubbles and hisses, which mean the cleaning action is taking its due course.
  • Let it soak and sit for 10 to 15 minutes. This is to ensure that nothing is left clinging on the pool deck.
  • Take the hose and turn it on full force pushing the acid and water combo into the swimming pool. This will help pull the PH level down and won’t damage anything in your pool.
  • Rinse completely. If there are any stains left repeat this again until you are fully satisfied that your pool deck is 100% clear of rust. Do not be alarmed if any greenery is washed out as well, once diluted with the garden hose, your plants will survive through it. Just don’t leave any acid and water combo undiluted.

If you’d rather not use Muriatic acid, there are gels available in hardware stores but the truth is these gels won’t work as better as the acid and water combo. The upside is that it is safer for use so decide on your objective and set your expectations to minimum so you won’t be as disappointed with the end result.


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