How To Clean Sandstone Wall Tile

Sandstone is a beautiful natural stone that is popularly used as wall tile in many homes. It is versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors. A sandstone wall tile comes in a variety of colors and shades, making it ideal for use in bathroom, kitchens, patio, entryways or other architectural points of interest in your home. It adds warmth and a timeless elegance to any surrounding. This natural stone is relatively easy and very inexpensive to maintain.

Here’s how to clean sandstone wall tiles.

  1. Make sure your contractor properly seals the wall tile upon installation. Sealant should not be applied under direct sunlight and never applied on damp tiles. Once the tiles are installed, the contractor should wait about a week before applying the sealant. The sealant on the sandstone is your best protection against any pitting, markings or any other discoloration. If you notice your tiles losing their sealant, you may have it reapplied every four to five years, depending on the condition of your tiles.
  2. Vacuum the surface of the wall tile. Use the soft brush attachment of the vacuum cleaner and just do a quick run over the surface. Use gentle strokes so as not to mark or scratch the tiles. Make sure to get any cobwebs from the corners and any other visible dust that may have settled on the tiles.
  3. After dry vacuuming the wall tile, get a damp cloth and wipe down the surface. There’s no need to use vigorous strokes. Do not use scouring pads or textured sponges. Don’t use cleansers on your sandstone or this may damage the surface. Regular detergent or other bathroom cleaners will be too abrasive and acidic for the porous surface of your sandstone. Plain water and a soft cloth will do.
  4. Help maintain the natural beauty of your sandstone walls by not placing your hands on it. The oils on your hands may damage and stain the sandstone. Just appreciate your wall’s beauty by gazing at it.
  5. If there are stubborn stains on your sandstone, you may consider purchasing a neutral cleaner from flooring supply centers. A neutral cleaner will not contain any acidic ingredients such as lemon or acid. Neutral cleaners must be still be used sparingly. Follow the instructions on the packaging label. However, if the staining is in a discreet section, you may just forgo it and try to wipe it off with water and a soft cloth. You may cause further damage to the stone if you insist on treating it even with a neutral cleaner.
  6. Clean your sandstone wall tiles every two to three months, or whenever you notice a build up of dirt on it.

There you have it! It’s quick, easy and doesn’t cost much to do. It only takes a few simple steps to clean and maintain your sandstone wall tiles and you will keep it looking shiny and beautiful for the lifetime of your home.


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