How To Clean The Dog Poop from Your Yard

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Dogs are amazing companions to have around the house. They can be very loyal and can be great stress- relievers. In fact, studies show that people actually recuperate faster when they have pets such as dogs. One of the difficulties in keeping dogs, however, is cleaning their poop. Here’s how you can efficiently clean dog poop from your yard.

  • Choosing the scooper. First of all, you need to choose the correct type of dog poop scooper. There are many available in the market, some of which are very simple and look like a large spoon with a straight edge. These, however, are quite difficult to use. The best scoopers are the hinged scoopers. These are a little bit more expensive than most scoopers, but it has a ‘jaw’ that will allow you to pick up the poop without using another scooper to push the poop into the pan of the first scooper.
  • Using the scooper. To use the scooper, you will need to press the handle filmy. Pressing the handle will put the mechanisms into action and will open the jaws on the poop scooper. Once the jaws are opened, position the scooper so that the two jaws are on both sides of the poop that you are trying to scoop. Once you have positioned it, slowly release the grip on the handle so that the jaws will retract and close in on the poop. You can practice on stones if you are having difficulties in using the poop scooper.
  • Bagging the poop. After the jaws have closed in on the poop, you can then position the end of the scooper on a plastic bag where you will place the poop. Make sure that you seal the plastic bag once the poop is already inside, and that you dispose of the bag properly.
  • Cleaning your hands. After disposing of the poop, make sure that you clean your hands thoroughly. There are a variety of germs and bacteria, which may be transferred from dogs to humans. Also, it is possible for you to get intestinal worm infections if you handle the poop of a dog that has intestinal worms.
  • Dog waste composts. Another idea that you can use when it come to dog poop is the dog waste compost. This involves creating a compost pit where you will put the entire dog poop. After the dog waste has turned into compost, you can use it as a fertilizer. You need to ensure, however, that the compost pit is far from where your dog roams, because some dogs like to play with their own feces.
  • Diet. Finally, make sure that you feed your dog a good diet composed of solid food. When dogs are given good dog food, their stool comes out firm and easy to pick up. Plus, the stool usually has a much less offensive scent if good dog food is given.

With these steps, you should be able to maintain a clean and poop-free yard – even if you have one or more dogs roaming and patrolling the lawn.


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