How To Clean the Exterior of Your House

It is not enough that you keep the insides of your home spic and span. You also need to maintain the exterior of the house. Unlike the interior, the outside of your house will usually take a longer time before you need to clean it. But like anything else, the day will come when you will need to clean the exterior of your house. Here’s how.

  • Timing. First of all, consider creating a schedule for when you will clean the exterior of the house. There are some people who only clean the exterior of their house once a year. This is applicable if you live in areas that are relatively dust free and water free. Otherwise, you should clean at least twice a year, usually after winter and before fall. Winter is usually known for causing mildew buildup on the exterior of the house, because of the excess moisture it brings. Fall, on the other hand, stirs up a lot of dust and dead leaves around the house.
  • Power washer. To clean the exterior walls of the house, the easiest solution is to use a power washer. A power washer has a machine that will generate great pressure on the hose. This will allow you to clean the walls of your house without the need for scrubbing the walls by hand. Usually, a power washer can be rented out in major home depots and chains like Wal-Mart. Make sure that you start from the top of the house, and work your way down to the lower part of the house.
  • Cleaning solution. Some people simply use generic household cleaning detergents with the water that is used on the power washer. You can, however, create an even more powerful cleaning solution by using triosdium phosphate, which is usually available in most hardware shops. As a rule, each gallon of water should have about a teaspoon of trisodium phosphate. This cleaning solution works best on rocks and masonry, and on wood. It can also be used to clean painted surfaces on the outside of your house.
  • Mildew. One of the usual problems when it comes to the exterior of the house is mildew. While the inside of the house is usually kept warm and dry, the outside is exposed to elements, including fog, rain, and snow. To remove the mildew, you will need to use a solution of three cups of water for every 3/5 cup of muriatic acid. Be careful when handling muriatic acid, however, because it is very powerful and can cause burns. It also has toxic fumes. Use a wire scrubber to apply the solution on the parts of the house that has mildew.
  • Rust. If the metal rails and grills in your house are showing signs of rusting, you can remove the surface layer of rust by using kerosene. Kerosene can be purchased in most hardware shops, as well as in gas stations. Kerosene can be applied by using a brush or a piece of rag.

By cleaning the exterior of your house regularly, you will not just make your house look prettier, but you will also be able to maintain the fixtures and structures on the exterior of your house, such as the paint, the railings, and the masonry.


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