How To Clean Up Dust Mites

Of all types of allergies, one of the most prevalent is dust mite allergies. Dust mites are very small insects that usually live on beds, couches, and around the house. They are able to live off the dead skin cells that people normally shed. If dust mites are bothering you, here’s how you can clean up the house and remove the dust mites.

  • Wipe down. A lot of people think that it is enough to take a feather duster and dust down the house. This, however, will only provide you with superficial cleaning. You may be able to remove the dust that is visible to the eye, but the dust mites may still be lurking in between the corners and crevices of your house. Remember that dust mites are microscopic, and you will not be able to see them. To effectively clean the surfaces around your house, take a towel and moisten it with warm water and some dishwashing liquid. Use this to wipe the surfaces. This way, the dust does not contaminate the air but gets trapped in the rag.
  • Vacuuming. After you have wiped down all of the surfaces and furniture in your house, the next step is to do some vacuuming. First, vacuum your bed and your sofas and couches. These are some of the most dust mite-infected areas of the house, because these are the places where you spend most time and where you shed the most skin cells. Make sure that you clean the crevices on the couch, and the underside of the bed. After vacuuming these, move on to your carpet, which also harbors a lot of dust and dust mites. Take some baking soda and sprinkle it all over your carpet. Baking soda is a natural deodorizing agent. Allow the baking soda to set on your carpet for half an hour, before vacuuming the carpet.
  • Wash. removes all of the bed sheets, blankets, and the curtains in your house and run these through the washing machine. Dust mites are usually found on fabrics and clothing, which is why you need to make sure that the fabrics in your house are frequently cleaned. If possible, use antibacterial detergent to thoroughly clean the fabrics and kill the dust mites. If you believe that you are heavily infested with dust mites, you may also use some bleach to kill the dust mites.
  • Air cleaning. The air you breathe is also contaminated with dust and dust mites. Purifying the air is very important, since the dust mites in the air will eventually settle on the curtains, bed, couches, and the surfaces around the house. No matter how much you clean, there will always be dust mites if you do not purify the air. To do this, use an air filter, or install a dehumidifier and an air conditioner that comes with dust filters.

If you have pets, you also need to clean more frequently since pets shed a lot of fur and skin cells, which will create a very pleasing environment for the dust mites. With these steps, you should be able to rid your house of dust mites.


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