How To Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui

The first step of Feng Shui is cleaning out the clutter in your home and it does not cost anything to do it. In Feng Shui, clutter is energy that is trapped. It has a big effect on a person spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally. Clutter will often bring with it confusion, disorder and disorganization. It will definitely interrupt the Chi of the home and also your visions and health. Getting rid of clutter will make room for what you really need and want in life right now.

Once you are able to understand what it is that clutter does to you and your life, you will be very excited to see how Feng Shui works. Cleaning out clutter is a very emotional task and sometimes feels like therapy. You will soon see higher energy levels, more clearness and better sense of well-being.

There are three very important areas to always keep clear of clutter: the bedroom, kitchen and front entrance.

  1. The bedroom. We are most affected by events, things and people that are closest to us. It makes most since to apply Feng Shui to the closest part to you in the house, the bedroom.  Do not stuff everything into the closet or under the bed. This will disturb the Chi of the room and even your sleep.
  2. The kitchen. In Feng Shui, the condition of your kitchen is the condition of your health and this is especially for the condition of the liver.  The liver is the detoxifying organ of the body and it has to be clean and clutter free.
  3. The front entrance. Through the front entrance is how the house gets its energy to live and grow. The front door is the mouth of Chi or energy. This is the way that new opportunities and good Chi comes into the space. The door, path and entrance hall all need to be clutter free and free flowing.

Trying to organize and get rid of clutter can be very hard. Clean up a small area each day not to get too overwhelmed. Use this test when trying to decide what to keep and what to get rid of. Does the item lift your energy? Do you love the item? Do you use the item? If you are answering no to any one of these questions, it is time to let it go and get rid of it.


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