How To Color Match Velvet Drapes to Living Room Furniture

You checked out your living room. You realized that even though most of your furniture pieces are leaning towards the traditional, you have a lot of fixtures and fabrics that quite heavy and luxurious. Suddenly, you thought of sprucing up your living room. Yes, velvet drapes are going to perfectly do the trick. You just have to pick the suitable tones. Here are some pointers on how you can color match your velvet drapes to your living room furniture:

  • Test the tones of your desired colors. Get hold of the swatches first. Then, position them directly into different lighting conditions. You can use your lamp light. Simply approximate whether the lighting is for day or for night time. Since velvet drapes are typically rich in color and come in two-toned look, observe and note the variations under the different lighting conditions. See if the tone is going to remain suitable to your living room furniture all day long.
  • Consider mixing some patterns. Aside from matching colors, adding visual appeal to your living room is a way to go. Discover how to coordinate the pieces in your living room to make everything more attractive. For example, if your sofa has a distinct solid color, you can soften it by choosing velvet drapes that bear subtle patterns. Conversely, if you see a lot of patterns, either in your furniture pieces or in your decors, you can balance the look by favoring velvet drapes with a solid tone.
  • Survey the wood pieces in your living room. Do you have chairs and tables? What about your bookshelf or your armoire?  Since they are all made of wood, you can use them as a basis in color matching your velvet drapes. If your wood pieces are predominantly dark, like mahogany, then, you can favor deeper, richer tones. The decision can allow you to achieve a luxurious feel to our living room.
  • Assess if you can use your velvet drapes in unifying the decors in your living room. See what you have in your space. Note the decorative elements, even the smaller pieces. They are certainly going to matter in sprucing up your living room. For instance, you notice that your pillows, rugs, and table runners are in deep red, then, you may opt to customize your velvet drapes to follow the same shade or fabric tone.
  • Decide what you want to do with your living room space. Do you want to make it look larger?  You can trigger the illusion by putting on velvet drapes that closely match your wall coloring. The uniform look can do the trick. Are you thinking of a monochromatic look?  You can do it subtly by playing on the colors of your velvet drapes. Favor the darker tone of the same color.

The above listed pointers can certainly help you. But if you don’t trust your instinct, you can always seek for the aid of a design professional. Experience can definitely change your living room - dramatically.

Use these tips to color match the curtains with the décor for a beautifully harmonious look.


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