How To Compare Replacement Window Prices

Installing replacement windows won’t just give your home décor new life; it could also effectively reduce home energy costs, too. To get the best value for your money, it’s important that you allot adequate time to compare different available prices. This would give you a good idea about current prices and would empower you to get the best deals (or even negotiate for fair prices, too). Read on for some great tips and guidelines:

  • Know the type of repair and replacement that you need. First of all, inspect the extent of replacement you would need to have. For example, if the frame around the windows is damaged or rotting, you would have to factor in costs for repair on that area apart from the actual replacement window. You should also account for costs for removal and disposal of the old windows. If your old windows have irregular sizes, you would have to be ready to pay extra for custom-made windows. However, do be sure to inquire with different window companies: one company might consider your window size to be irregular (and would need to have one custom-made) while another company might have your exact window specifications as a standard size. Remember that buying a standard size would help you score cheaper rates.
  • Be ready with the specifics. When comparing prices, it’s best that you already have the following details at hand: the size (length and width) of the windows that you need, plus the type and make that you want. This would help the different window companies you talk with come up with a ready estimate.
  • Know the current rates. Window replacements cost about $300 to $700; that is, if the window frame is still intact. Vinyl-framed windows are considered to be the most cost-efficient option, while wood is one of the most expensive. Other materials include steel, aluminum and fiberglass.
  • Make sure that you ask from three or more window companies. This would help give you a good idea on the fair rates for window replacements. Do make sure that you check with reputable companies (check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have good records). You should also inquire if they offer home visitations, where professional window installers would come to your home to give you better estimates. Some window companies offer this service for free.
  • Consider buying just the windows. Though you could order to have the windows and then have them installed by the same company, it might be cheaper if you just order windows then hire a local handyman to install them. Inquire at hardware stores such as Lowe’s for their rates with and without professional window installation.
  • Don’t just check the prices. Apart from the costs of the window itself, another important aspect to look out for is its Energy Star label. This would ensure that the window you purchase is appropriate for your type of climate and would enable you to have better savings on air conditioning and heating. Ask about this from the window companies that you talk with.

There you have it! These are the most important guidelines to remember when comparing replacement windows. Remember, it’s essential that you allot adequate time to do your comparison, so you could score the best deals. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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