How To Compare Solar Lights to Conventional Lighting

Lighting your beautifully landscaped yard can be a problem with conventional lighting. If you have a big yard, that will require several lights placed at strategic locations. Most probably you will need to erect tall poles to mount your lights to illuminate wider areas or use flood lights. These methods take away the charm and grace of a landscaped garden at night and provide harsh illumination instead.

You can install a string of patio lights, but these are more suited for occasional use and may not provide enough illumination unless augmented with more conventional lighting. A solution is to install the latest interesting addition to a garden – outdoor solar lighting.

There are several reasons installing outdoor solar lighting outweighs the use of conventional lighting. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Easy Installation. Conventional lighting requires electric wiring. For the outdoors, you need to have waterproof electric wiring to be buried underground. You will have to dig up your garden to install the wires. If you are not qualified to do it, then you need to hire an electrician. You also need to get fixtures that are weatherproof, as well as lights suitable for outdoor use. You have to install sensors so the lights will automatically turn on and off.

Solar lights are designed for the outdoors and the fixtures are already weatherproof. There are no electrical wirings to worry about. You only need to install them in areas where they will get full sun exposure during the day to charge/recharge the batteries. Sensors are built in each solar light fixture for automatic switching.

Economical/Cost Efficient. Outdoor solar lighting requires an initial high investment because the lights are more expensive than conventional ones. But after installation, they run by themselves. They use renewable energy that is freely available. They are kind to the environment.

Conventional lighting may be cheaper but the additional energy consumption will add to your monthly electric bill, and you will pay for it monthly. With the fluctuating energy cost, you cannot predict how much it will cost from month to month.

Easy Maintenance. You need to replace conventional lights every now and then. If you are not adept at replacing bulbs, then you may need to hire someone to replace them for you.

For solar lights, you only need to replace some of the batteries and the occasional broken LED lights. These lights are very easy to install and you can replace them yourself.

Garden Enhancement. Although there are also several designs available for conventional outdoor lighting fixtures, then can be quite expensive.

Outdoor solar lighting fixtures are designed with the outdoor enhancement aspect in mind. There are more decorative designs available that can blend with your garden landscape or provide focal points of interest in your yard.

Illumination. Conventional lights provide more constant illumination because they are generally brighter. They can stay on until before day break when they will automatically shut off or when you manually turn them off.

Solar lights on the other hand are more towards low lighting, which can give a good ambiance to your garden. The illumination the lights will give can vary depending on how full the batteries were charged during the day. The lighting may not last the whole night.

Whether you choose to install conventional lights or solar outdoor lights ultimately depends on the reasons you have for installing outdoor lights in the first place. Choose the one that will answer your requirements. If you are after security, then it will be better to install conventional lighting.


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