How To Compare Window Film Types and Manufacturers

Window film or tint is very useful. It is a colored plastic or thin transparent sheet used as a covering to reduce heat or light on windows. It also protects your furniture from discoloration, enhances the performance and safety of existing glass in buildings and vehicles and increases comfort for its occupants. This can be installed on windows of houses, buildings and vehicles. The following are the types of window film that is being used and available in the market today.

  1. Heat rejection films applied on the interior of a flat glass to reduce the amount of infrared, visible light, ultraviolet rays and radiation coming from the sun entering windows. To keep the sun's heat out of the house, a low–emissivity coating will be applied on the outside pane of glazed windows.
  2. Security films are applied to prevent the glass from breaking. They are used in commercial glass and made of heavy-gauge plastic intended to maintain the safety of the glass when subjected to heavy impact. These security films can also provide protection for vehicles. They are often tinted.
  3. Switchable films can be switched from opaque to clear by 36 V AC. It can be used as a projection screen that can be viewed from both sides when in the opaque state. This is used for advertising on store windows.
  4. Graphic design films are usually colored vinyl or frosted. Frosted film looks like sand blasted or acid-etched glass while Vinyl film is available in different colors; both are used for commercial purposes.
  5. Privacy films reduce visibility thru the glass. This prevents unwanted people from peeping into your privacy whether you are inside the car or your house.
  6. Decorative films can be used to beautify or decorate the house. This is used by people with artistic or creative minds. It can be used for beautifying those unwanted windows, nursery rooms or bathrooms. It comes in different arts like cartoon characters for kids rooms, flowers, murals, etc.
  7. Solar film is a thin film, which is placed on rooftops of houses to harness the unlimited free solar energy. It is like wallpaper, which can be rolled up easily unlike the solar panel, which is thicker, bulkier and heavier because it is made up of foil and metal.

Here are some of the leading manufacturers of Window films or tints:

  • Bekaert Specialty Films and 3M are two of the world's leading manufacturers of window films.
  • Hanita has been in the business for twenty years in metalizing, multi-laminate and chemical coating for different industrial applications. It has a large warehouse in Bonn to service European customers.
  • Wuxi Sanli Protective Film Co. Ltd. is one of the leading professional auto glass manufacturer based in Guangzhou, China.
  • Colorado Concept Coatings LLC produces thin film coatings and other metal coatings used in LCD, TN, STN plasma displays, etc.

There are other manufacturers of window films that can be accessed in the net. Before buying these products, it is advised that you read all product reviews on window films to guide you on what is best for your window either for your car or house.


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