How To Construct a Grape Trellis

If you want to have your own vineyard, you need to construct your own grape trellis. A grape plant will only thrive if it has access to a trellis where it can attach its vines, and which will support the weight of the plant and the fruit. Here’s how.

  • Materials. First of all, you should make sure that you are using high quality materials for your grape trellis. Remember that the grape trellis will be used for many seasons. One of the biggest mistakes the first-time vineyard planters make is to use cheap trellis materials, such as common wood. These materials, however, will disintegrate through time, especially with the constant exposure to the elements. The best materials for a trellis are PVC pipes, pre-treated wood, or steel. These are a bit expensive at first, but they are investments that will last a long time.
  • Height. In general, the grape trellis should be high when you are living in areas that are constantly exposed to heat and the sun. If you are living in colder climates, on the other hand, you should construct trellises that are lower. The lower the trellis is, the more heat the plant will absorb from the soil. If there is plenty of sunlight, however, the plant will grow profusely. By adding a bit more height to the trellis, you should be able to make the plant grow to its full potential without risking the plant’s fruit-bearing capacities.
  • Short trellis. When constructing short trellis, you will need posts that are at least three feet in height. These should be spaced around twenty feet from each other, forming a straight line. You should make sure that the post itself is around five feet in height, however, since two feet of the post will be placed underground.
  • Tall trellis. For longer trellises, however, you will need to erect posts that are at least eight feet in height, with 2.5 feet more of length under the ground. Again, the posts should be spaced approximately 20 feet from each other.
  • Lining. After you have erected the trellis posts, the next step is to take 12.5 gauge wires made from stele, and place these three feet from the tall trellis, or two feet from the short trellis. After adding this wire, you will need to place chain links to the wire. The chain links will help bear the weight of the plants when the grapes are already fully grown and when the fruit is already beginning to grow out. You will also need to attach the largest nails that you can find on the posts. These nails will act as the steps that the vines will use for climbing up the posts and into the wires across each post.
  • Maintenance. Make sure that you go through each individual post in the trellis in the middle of each planting season, and after each planting season. Repair any damages to the individual trellis poles as soon as possible.

With a well-constructed grape trellis, you can foster profuse growth for your vineyard. These steps should help you do just that.


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