How To Construct Wooden Chairs

Building your own wooden chairs to use at home is not as hard as you think. You can create your own design and make a chair that shows your own unique style. The simpler the chair that you want, the easier it will be for you to build it. You can use your wooden chairs with your dining table or it can also be used for display. All you have to do is to be as creative as you can and make sure that the chair is sturdy enough to carry a person’s weight.

Here are the steps on how to build your own wooden chair:

  1. Collect materials. First, you have to collect the materials that you need for creating your chair. You will need a few pieces of lumber, a saw, sandpaper, gloves, paint, varnish, measuring tape ruler, wood glue and a pencil. You can also collect any other material you want to use with your chair, such as the fabric for the wooden seat or embellishments.
  2. Cut the pieces. The first thing you have to do is to cut the pieces. The measurements for each part all depend on you. The parts that you have to cut with the saw are the legs of the wood chair, the back rest and the wooden seat. You can also cut out pieces for the arm rest if you want your chair to have them. Use the measuring tape to get the exact measurements, especially for the legs of the chair.
  3. Sand and varnish. Before connecting the pieces together, you will have to sand them first. You can use the gloves when you sand to avoid little pieces of wood to stick on your hands. Use the sandpaper and sand all the pieces until they are already smooth. After this, you can paint the pieces using the color that you want the wood chair to be. Allow the paint to dry before applying varnish.
  4. Attach pieces together. When the varnish has already dried, the next thing to do is to attach the pieces together using the wood glue. Be sure to apply a generous amount to make the chair sturdy. You can attach the legs first to the wooden seat and allow it to dry before attaching the back rest on the wooden seat.
  5. Design. Once the wood glue is dry, you can add other designs and embellishments that you want on your wooden seat. You can use a staple gun to easily attach the fabric on the wooden seat. Other embellishments can be added with the wood glue or an adhesive that dries invisibly.

These are the easy steps on how you can create your own wooden chair. After creating the wooden chair, you can try other chairs, such as swivel chairs, rocker chairs or wooden armchairs. Look for designs from magazines or from the Internet and try to create your version of these chairs. You can also try building other furniture, such as tables, shelves, cabinets, stools and a lot more.


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