How To Coordinate Bathroom Accessories

Are you looking to update the look of your bathroom?  Do you have a set budget?  In most cases the answer to the second question, is yes.  We allot ourselves a certain amount of money to spend on each room of our homes according to what we need to do.

With a bathroom, it can be made easy, simply by updating little things or more extravagant by updating everything from the towels down to the rugs you want to place on the floor.

Given the recent problems with the economy our best bet is to start off with a small budget.  Let us set this at $50.00.  This is actually quite high for making simple changes, but let's see what kind of bang we can find for our "Buck".

  1. Choose a theme or look that you want to go with.  A good example, a sea scape.  This is very popular for bathrooms and usually very easy to find. If you have children, get them involved too.  They will have lots of fun helping you create a great looking bathroom.
  2. What colors do you want to show off in your bathroom.  Many choose different shades of blue.  This color is easy to coordinate. You can even do a combination of blues to give a more dramatic affect.
  3. Time to go shopping.  A great place to shop at for small accessories is your nearest dollar store, you can find soap dishes, soap dispensers, tooth brush holders and cups.  Sometimes, you can even find shower curtains and hooks as well.  Don't forget to take a look at any other little decorations you may want to have, perhaps a couple little statues of fish.  Check the craft area in your dollar store to see if they might have sea shells or decorative stones that are in sea colors.  You can also find some unique looking clear vases to add into the mix.

    With the few items listed you may have spent roughly$10.00 give or take a few dollars depending on decorations you were able to find for your bathroom.

    Go to your nearest discount store or super center to find great bath towels should you decide to update these.  Depending on whether or not you plan to only have a couple decorative towels or planning to have new towels for the entire family, you can find towels priced from $5.00 and up.  For a family of 4, just for bathing towels this is $20.00, throw in a hand towel and a couple of coordinating wash clothes, you have probably spent about $30.00.

    With the remaining $10.00 you may want to look for small rugs to add a little more color to tie everything together.  Remember you don't have to go with the standard rugs, this being one for the base of the toilet and then a regular rug.  You can get a couple of small accent rugs even those that you might use for door mats, you can find some great patterns and colors.  Usually priced under $10.00.

  4. Head home and start preparing to decorate.  Your best bet is to empty out the room, clean everything, then start the fun of decorating, finding homes for all of your new finds.


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