How To Cover a Mirrored Wall

You normally find mirrored walls in gyms and rehearsal studios. If you are not happy with the mirror covered wall in your home, trying to remove the mirror may be difficult to do. But, you can cover the mirrored wall using a variety of methods. Here are some suggestions on how you can cover your mirrored wall.

  • Hang curtains on the mirrored wall. Fabric curtains are great in covering all kinds of walls, mirrored or not. Choose curtains made of fabric that will either match or contrast with your room décor. Make sure to buy more than one set of curtains so you have something to cover the mirrored wall when the current set of curtains need laundering. To hang the curtains, attach curtain rods to the wall just above the mirror. If the mirror is from ceiling to floor, you will need to attach the rod to the ceiling itself. Once the rods are attached, simply hang the curtains to cover the wall.
  • Cover with artwork. Find interesting artwork or even posters and use these to cover the mirrored wall. If more than one artwork or poster is needed, make sure you choose ones that complement each other or at least make sense. You can use all movie posters if you are a movie buff or choose artwork done by one artist only. Use double-sided tape or sticky putty to attach the artwork onto the mirrored wall. When using sticky putty, make sure it is flat and does not bulge.
  • Make a collage. Turn the whole mirrored wall into a collage of photos and memories. Using double-sided tape or sticky putty, attach photographs or postcards to the wall and create a one of a kind collage. You can subdivide the wall into mini-collages with themes. For example, have an area for childhood memories, high school photos, events, pets, travels and more.
  • Use a screen. There are different kinds of movable folding screens, sometimes called privacy screens that you can use to block the view behind the screen. Privacy screens come in different materials like metal, wood and fabric. There are also different designs. Japanese screens are a popular choice. If the wall is wide, you may need more than one screen to cover the whole mirrored wall.
  • Cover using large furniture. If you have a big cabinet, bookshelf, or armoire, use it to block the view of the mirrored wall. Find other types of furniture that you can use to hide the wall from sight.
  • Glue thin plywood over the mirrored wall. Measure the mirrored wall so you know how much plywood you will need to cover the wall. Go to the hardware store and buy sheets of plywood that you can glue on the mirror. The plywood should be thin enough so it can stick to the mirrored wall. Saw the plywood according to size and attach it to the wall using Epoxy glue. Make sure the mirrored wall is clean before using Epoxy glue. Otherwise, the glue may not bond correctly. Note: An alternative to thin plywood is corkboard. You can use epoxy glue to attach this to the mirrored wall.

Covering a mirrored wall is easy and does not require a lot of work. You have many options to choose from. Use whichever option suits your needs or complements the room where the wall in question is located. With a little creativity, you can come up with the perfect covering for your mirrored wall.


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