How To Cover a Valance Curtain Board

A great way to add character to your window fixtures is to line the top with a valance curtain board. This handy little window décor covers only the top part of your window like a veil. The best ones seamlessly fit into the current them of your room or home and give your window a nice touch of elegance. Covering the curtain board is an essential step, since you do not want to expose the material underneath, ruining your excellent aesthetic. Here is how to cover a valance curtain board:

  • Covering with fabric. The most common way to cover a valance curtain board is to use the same fabric as your curtains and draperies to wrap the board with. It is a no fuss solution to the problem since it will match the overall design of the curtains. Of course, you can also use a different fabric if you want to contrast the design of your valance curtain and give it a more striking look. Whatever you decide, just make sure it is the type of fabric you want.
    Lay the board on a flat surface to make the job easier. Take the fabric and wrap it around the board making sure to cover the entire surface area. Cover the top side first then turn the board over to cover the bottom. Fold around the sides and cut off the excess. Tape the fabric in place so that it does not come undone. Use nails or large staples to secure it around the board. Do not make it too tight because it might rip. Go around the entire board once to see if anything went wrong.
  • Painting the curtain board. Another way to cover your curtain board is to paint over it. If the board is wooden, which it probably is, you will need to prime it before you start painting. Make sure it is properly sanded before you apply the primer however. Select the color of paint you want to use as a background for the board.
    Cover the whole thing even if you will only actually see one side. Use a wide-head paint brush for this part. Next, take your smaller paint brush and add in the detailing. You can follow a template if you want or just go wild. Ask your children if they want to join in on the fun. This is a great way to spend some time with your young kids. When you are done painting, let it dry completely before you hang it up lest you stain your walls and curtains.
  • Decorating with other materials. For a more creative way to cover your board, you can actually stick things like seashells, bottle caps, square tiles and the like to give it more character. Again, you can ask your children if they want to help out and truly make it a one-of-a-kind décor. Use a strong adhesive like a glue gun to keep the objects on the board. You can also do a combination of fabric, paints and small decor items if you like.

This simple enough task will complete your valance curtain board. You can use many different fabrics and materials to cover the board so you’ll have tons of designs and styles to work with. Your valance curtains will surely blend into the background while still brightening your room if you cover the board correctly.


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