How To Cover Small Scratches on Your Table

Frequent use of a table can lead to scratches, dings and nicks. This is especially evident on wood tables. No matter how much care you take, you are bound to find a scratch or two on the table sooner or later. Scratches can be easily avoided by using protective pads on the table. You should also lift instead of drag heavy objects across the wood table.

A professional restorer can make the scratches disappear. But it will probably cost you an arm and a leg to have the scratches repaired. You option?  Cover the small scratches on your own. Below are a few ideas you may want to try.

  • Draw over it using special furniture crayons. You can easily cover a small scratch by coloring over it using wax furniture crayons. The hard part is finding the right shade to match the color of the table. When you have the right color crayon, color over the scratch until you don’t see it. Blend the crayon into the table using your finger. You can use a soft cloth to polish the area as well. The polishing should remove any excess wax on the table.
  • Pour melted crayon over the scratch. If you need to use more than one color, you can melt two or more colors together to come up with the right match. Pour the melted crayon over the scratch. Use only enough to cover the scratch. Allow the melted crayon to dry for 8 hours or overnight. Once the melted crayon is dry, get a fine sand paper and lightly smooth the dried melted crayon.
  • Cover the scratch with Touch-Up wood markers. Sharpie is the maker of Touch-Up wood markers that come in several colors to match your table. Color over small scratches and scrapes found on you wood table.
  • Use other coloring materials. If you have a black table, you can use a black felt-tip pen to cover the scratch. Make sure to color over the scratch evenly. For mahogany tables, you can try a dab of iodine.
  • Use a furniture polish that can hide scratches. You can find furniture polish with scratch cover in stores. One such brand is Old English Scratch Cover that is available for dark woods as well as light and medium woods. All you need to do is lightly moisten your dry rag with the Old English Scratch Cover liquid polish and gently apply this to damaged area. Give the furniture time to absorb the polish before buffing it with a soft clean cloth. Apply this product over the whole table in the same manner then buff to make sure that the color is consistent across the whole table.
  • Apply Restorz-It Wood Finish Restorer. This is a versatile oil-based product that you can use on your wood table. Restorz-It comes in three colors: light, medium and dark. It helps remove scratches and restorers the original finish of your table. Place a small amount on a soft clean cloth and wipe the whole table with it.

High-quality wood tables are not only functional, they are also beautiful. A lot of care should be taken when using your wood table. Otherwise, it can easily get scratched. Fortunately, there are simple ways to cover small scratches. Choose from the tips above which method works best for your table. You can also experiment on using shoe polish as well as other brands of wood restorers and polishers.


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