How To Create a Backyard Water Park

Parties are always fun but only the best ones are worthy of “That was the best. Party. Ever!!!” status. If you want your child’s party to be fondly remembered like that by his friends and guests, you have to get creative and make it as fun and exciting as it can be and nothing beats having a backyard water park-themed party on a hot summer afternoon. It is a refreshing treat especially for those suffering under the extreme heat. Here is how to create a backyard water park:

  • Age limit. Young kids are too small for bigger pools while the older ones have surely outgrown the inflatable ones. Rowdy teens might be more of a nuisance than cute if they get a hold of a water hose and start spraying everyone but a water balloon can only be used once and might be a better option. Know the ages of the attendees so you can craft the party to their preferences and maturity level.
  • Planning and preparation. You have to carefully plan your backyard water park party. Look for suppliers within your area and places to rent from. Without careful planning and preparation, your innovative idea could fall flat and be a huge disappointment. Plan everything from where you are going to get your pools, water guns, balloons, hoses, everything! Remember, you want to keep the party going so make sure you get enough toys and materials to last you well past your estimated party time. Gather all your materials beforehand and set them up way before anyone arrives. And of course, ready a changing area where kids can change and dry off before and after the party.
  • Use your imagination. The limits to the awesomeness of your backyard water park are up to you. Go big with slides, rafts and fountains to create a giant water kingdom or, if you have limited space in your backyard, ready the water guns and balloons to have a glorious water war. Separate the area into sections and draft participants onto opposite teams; a little competition makes everything more fun and exciting after all. If you want to add a twist, bring in a sandbox, sea shells and fake palm trees and turn your backyard water park into a backyard water park beach extravaganza! Really, the only way to do this is to go for broke.
  • Safety first. Of course, something like this requires the planner to make it as safe as possible for all the party-goers. The party will end rather abruptly if one of the kids gets into an accident, especially if it could have been avoided. Make sure that at least one person knows how to give CPR and have a first-aid kit ready at all times. Avoid objects and toys that have sharp parts and always explain to the children that rough play is discouraged. Kids will be kids, however, so you must keep a vigilant watch over everyone.

This can be as fun as you can make them so use all your best ideas. Your kids and their friends will surely be clamoring for your next party if you create the perfect backyard water park.


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