How To Create a Beautiful Tulip Arrangement

Tulips are beautiful flowers that come in a myriad of captivating colors that signify the happiness and brightness of spring. Tulips are hardy flowers that can be arranged on their own or with other flowers. They symbolize The Perfect Lover and vary suitable to be used for a wedding bouquet. Some tulip colors have meanings – red to declare your love, yellow to mean you are hopelessly in love and cream tulips to tell your partner that you will love him forever. 

Whether you want to use tulips to make a wedding bouquet or create a centerpiece for your dining table, here are some ideas on how to create a beautiful tulip arrangement.

  • Choose the tulip colors that you want to use. There are tulips with solid colors both in dark colors and pastel ones. There are also tulips with variegated colors that can be quite interesting when mixed with tulips with complementary colors.
  • Cut the stems properly. If you are going to do a hand-tied bouquet, cut the stems of the tulips in one straight line. Hold a bunch in one hand and add one tulip at a time around the bunch that you are holding. Keep on adding a tulip around until you have formed a big bunch. Use floral tape to keep the blooms together. If this is going to be the wedding bouquet tie the tulips with a satin ribbon in the same color as the wedding theme. Remove some of the lower leaves to avoid overcrowding. You can also add some beargrass to the arrangement to make it look softer and lighter.
  • Bouquet variation. A variation to the hand-tied bouquet is to remove all the tulip leaves, add some filler flowers in contrasting color and fold some Cordyline fruticosa or Hawaiian ti plant leaves and arrange them around the tulip stems before you tie everything in satin ribbon.
  • Arrangements for large tulips. If you have particularly large blooms, you can use a few tulips and cut the stem at and angle and in different lengths. Use a tall glass tube vase and place a water-soaked piece of floral foam at the bottom of the vase. Stick three to five tulips into the floral foam at different angles to allow them to bend and rest along the side of the vase. Pour some colored sand to cover the floral foam. Get some beargrass and form a loose loop that is almost as long as the tulip and place it in the space between the blooms.
  • Table centerpieces. For a table centerpiece, choose a single color or mix different colors of tulips for variety. For a shallow vase of medium height, cut the tulip stems at different lengths. The stem tips should be cut at an angle to facilitate the intake or water. Soak a block of floral foam in water and place it in the center of the vase. Arrange the taller tulips in the center of the floral foam in a circular pattern. The flowers in the center of the vase should be inserted in a straight pattern. As you reach the outer edge of the vase the tulips should be inserted at an angle to form a half dome. Add some filler flowers to vacant spaces in between the tulip heads and dark greenery around the outer rim of the vase to surround the bouquet.
  • Clear glass tube vases. If you are planning to use a big clear glass tube as your vase, the simplest way to make a tulip bouquet that will still look very beautiful is to remove all the leaves from the tulip stems. Gather all the tulips and secure with a green rubber band a few inches below the tulip heads and cut the stems evenly. The rubber band tie will allow the tulip heads to fall naturally.
  • Use a flower preservative. Mix a flower preservative to extend the life of the tulip bouquet. If you a have a big vase that can hold a large amount of water, mix two cups of lemon-lime soda beverage, one-half teaspoon of chlorine bleach and 2 cups of warm water. Tulips will still grow while immersed in water and warm water will help the tulips blooms to open. Pour the flower preservative in the vase and place in the big bunch of tulips. The outer blooms will cover the rim of the vase and prevent the arrangement from falling down the glass tube.

These are just a few ideas on how to make a beautiful tulip bouquet. Search online for more. One thing you should remember is to remove the leaves that will be immersed in water as these can deteriorate very quickly and cloud the water and excessive leaves on the flowers will accelerate dehydration.


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