How To Create a Container Design

Creating a plant rich home is not only limited to your backyard or lawn. You can plant in containers, big or small, as well. However, if you are keen on doing this, you will definitely want to know how to design the container in order to be aesthetically appealing. Placing a plain and bland ceramic container with a beautiful plant won't really enhance your efforts. You will want to be creative and design the container to enhance the overall theme of the plant. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

  • Start with location. Choosing the perfect location for your potted plants is vital and extremely important since this will inform you of various aspects that most people neglect such as lighting and decoration. Select several nooks in your home and try to evaluate the amount of natural light that illuminates the area during daytime. This will help you figure out what type of plant you will use. If the nook is rarely hit by light, then consider placing a plant that can thrive with minimal sunlight. On the other hand, this is not the only factor that you should consider since you will want the plant to complement the color theme of the nook as well. Now, do not discount the container itself. Obviously, you will want a container that appears well-made with a design that will enhance the theme of the nook as well as the look of the plant in it.
  • Select the container. The selection of the container will depend on a number of things. First off, you will want the container to be big enough to hold the particular plant you will be growing in it. Aside from this, you will want the container be in a certain color or shade, one that will go well with the color scheme of the nook or room. Obviously, you will want a container that has no blemishes and will be able to enhance the beauty of the plant. Finally, the container you will select should be optimized for planting. It should have hole for drainage and it should be deep enough to hold the right amount of soil and gravel.
  • Prepare the container. Once you select the container, start pouring in a layer of gravel. This should always be your first layer to prevent the soil from seeping out through the hole at the bottom. Once the layer is leveled, add the potting soil. It is highly recommended to mix the soil with compost or fertilizer to make it richer before adding it to the container.
  • Plant the plant. Once the first layer of potting soil has been added, it will be time to place the main ingredient of your container plant, the plant itself. Set it in gently and make sure it has enough room to stretch its roots out. Once the plant is stabilized, add the top soil to finish. Make sure that the plant you place in the container is healthy and growing in full swing. You will definitely want it to be beautiful.
  • Add designs. Here is where you ultimate creativity will come into play. You can add small and draping foliage to the sides of the container in order to extend a dramatic look to the plant. You may add other décor to the container itself such as painted designs or wrapping.

Now, whatever you do, make sure that the container and the plant mixes well with its immediate environment. Also, ensure that the plant gets all the nutrients it needs to maintain it health. Water, fertilizer, and a little sunlight can definitely go a long way.


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