How to Create a Contemporary Interior Design at Home

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From shabby chic and country living to ultra glam and urban modern, there are so many different interior design styles to choose from!

But what's hot today may not be on trend tomorrow.

This well-known quote may spring to mind: "Fashion changes, but style endures." Although Coco Chanel originally said this about fashion in clothing, the same principle applies to interior design.

However, one style that has stood the test of time is contemporary interior design. What exactly is contemporary interior design? How can you implement these modern style ideas into your home? Read on to find out!

What is Contemporary Interior Design?

The word contemporary effectively means "of the moment". Because interior design styles are constantly evolving, the "contemporary look" is quite difficult to define.

Contemporary design is based on curved lines, minimalism, and neutral hues with splashes of color. Aside from these key concepts, you may also find traditional, art deco and futuristic aspects entwined into a contemporary style home.

Although you can interpret the look in several different ways, the overall key is to create a streamlined room which is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

How can you update your decor to create a contemporary style home? Read on for our how-to guide.

Elegant Shapes and Lines

When you're decorating, function is generally the priority over form. However, if you're creating a modern house interior, form (or shapes) are essential to completing the modern look. A contemporary style home should have clean, straight or elegantly curved lines. These eye-catching lines should be incorporated throughout, whether it's in your furniture, lighting or decor.

For instance, try adding an architectural element such as a shapely room divider, or an eye-catching fireplace for a contemporary living room.

Mismatched Furniture

Just because you're going for a sophisticated contemporary look, your furniture doesn't need to be so futuristic that it looks like it belongs on a spaceship. You can add a few traditional pieces to the mix if you style it correctly.

However, avoid anything that is heavy and overly ornate. Choose furniture that is sleek and streamlined, yet has an abundance of character.

Using furniture that is not usually seen in a domestic setting can also give a modernized look. For instance, using industrially designed metal cabinets or distressed lighting fixtures are a great modern interior design idea for your kitchen.

A key element of a contemporary style home is a stylish dining table. Modern dining tables in glass, dark woods, sleek metals or brightly colored molded plastic can completely transform your dining room.

Click on the link to discover more amazing contemporary dining table ideas!

Texture - Mix the Sleek and Gritty

Previous generations have covered up "imperfections" in their homes by surfacing over everything. However, natural, rough surfaces and organic textures mixed with sleek design have become key elements to modern house interior.

Bare plaster, polished concrete, exposed brick, and reclaimed wood are being revealed to create natural textures in the home.

If you're not lucky enough to have these natural textures in your home, add textures through your decor.

Wall paneling, natural floor coverings, furniture, woven wire pieces, and storage items can be used to add a gritty feel. You can also use natural fibers in fabrics, such as wool, linen, cotton, jute or raw silk.

Neutral Hues Vs. Splashes of Color

Using neutral tones and shades have always been the cornerstone of modern design. Harsh blacks, stark whites, cool grays, warm creams, and earthy browns should make up the bulk of your design.

However, bold accent colors can be used to spice up the contemporary design. Mustard yellow, teal blue, chalky pink, jade green, mermaid coral, and dark charcoal are all on trend at the moment. Although, they should be used sparingly.

If the walls and furniture are painted in light colors, use darker or bright accents to complement the palette. For instance, add splashes of color in brightly colored wall art, rugs, throw pillows or even on the legs of a chair.

You can also add drama to your space by using intense hues to highlight architectural areas such as an alcove or a feature wall.

Dramatic Patterns - Yes or No?

When many think of contemporary design, they imagine a blank white room with minimal color and furniture. Although that may be someone's interpretation of modern house interior, it doesn't mean that patterns cannot be used in a contemporary style home.

Introducing pattern can give a fresh look to a room, depending on how it is styled. Patterns work best if they are used as a focal point. For instance, you could feature the pattern on your curtains, on your kitchen splashback, on a huge art canvas or in rhythmic patterns on a tiled floor.

Modern florals, bright botanicals, and geometric designs are all popular choices. Some choose striking designs from Spanish roots or African culture.

Let There Be Light

The final key in creating modern house interior is layered lighting. Especially natural lighting!
Whenever possible, use large open windows that aren't heavily draped to give your room extra light throughout the day.

Apart from an abundance of natural lighting, you also need a mixture of ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Ideally, each room should have a mixture of all three of these categories.

For instance, use a main light in the kitchen, hang pendant lighting over your kitchen island, and add spotlights so that you can see into the back of your kitchen cupboards.

Use contemporary lighting designs with shapely fixtures. Metal lighting in brass, silver, and gold can also add to that modern industrial look.

Start Designing Your Contemporary Style Home

Unlike most other decorating styles, contemporary interior design is a complete mismatch of evolving fashions. Use your imagination, choose the ideas that you love, express yourself, and create your own individual look that will stand the test of time.

For more tips and hacks on how to design and redecorate your home, we have a whole section of on-trend advice. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


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