How To Create a Cottage Chic Bedroom

Cottage and chic can be two different ideas for a home interior design. However, when these two ideas are combined, a great home design is always successfully achieved. In fact, a cottage chic design is gaining more and more popularity these days, especially when speaking of the designing the bedroom.

A cottage chic room makes use of slightly worn-out and aged furniture pieces but showcases a sense of elegance still. Though it sounds impossible to create a bedroom of this kind, it can be easily done. Take these following guidelines in creating your very own cottage chic bedroom:

  • Check your bedroom space. A good evaluation of your room will help you identify the necessary steps to transform it into a cottage chic one. Use your imagination as much as possible to help you in transforming your bedroom using old and new items.
  • Grab items for your bedroom. The best pieces to grab for this project are those aged treasures. Check out flea markets, thrift stores, and other secondhand stores. These places are the best spots to find the perfect furniture pieces for your bedroom project. However, be careful in making your purchases. Even if you are looking for old items, make it a point that they are still usable.
  • Work out other furniture at home. To help you save money, you can skip buying old furniture from garage sales and other stores. Transform the furniture pieces you have at home to make them appear old and worn out. For instance, if you have a wooden table, sand it until it shows an aged look. There are also several painting techniques that you can do to your furniture pieces to make all of them look shabby yet classy for the project.
  • Choose rustic accessories. Antique mirrors, old photos, and embroidered artworks best display a rustic ambiance in your bedroom. Therefore, collect several pieces of these treasures and hang them on the walls of your bedroom.
  • Decorate your bed. Since the bed is the focal point of the bedroom, it is best to give your attention in transforming it in accordance with the theme. A handmade quilt is a great bedcover and a combination of different soft pillows arranged on the bed will do a good trick. Complete the cottage chic style by getting a headboard that is made of rustic wood or wrought iron.
  • Work on the room's windows. The windows must have light treats such as a sheer or a lace. This kind of window decoration will make out a very chic appeal to your bedroom.
  • Consider small details. Knick knacks that are made of glass will help convey a cottage chic look to your room. This is true also for candle holders and glass vases. If you can grab a crystal chandelier to hang on the ceiling, a perfect cottage chic ambiance is on the way.

A cottage chic room is truly a sight to behold. Hence, if you wish to redecorate your sleeping space, you will never go wrong with the idea of transforming it into a cottage chic one. Since it is easy to come up with this bedroom design, a good transformation of your bedroom is on the way.


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