How To Create a Cozy Kitchen

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It is said that people spend a big part of their lives in the kitchen. Whether you’re fond of cooking for yourself or your family, or just eating breakfast, snacks and an informal dinner at the kitchen counter or table, spending time at the kitchen can be fun and memorable if it has a cozy, welcoming feel. Sure, those stainless-steel chef’s kitchens you see on celebrity chef shows on TV are impressive. But they don’t look as warm and homey as you want.

Here are a few things to take note of if you want to create a cozy kitchen.

Use earth colors. Modern kitchens usually feature bright granite countertops or even stainless steel all over. This can look nice and squeaky clean, but might feel too antiseptic. A cozy kitchen should use earth colors. Go for wooden tools and implements. If you can use wooden or wooden-colored countertops and table tops, then that would be better. Use wooden kitchen implements, like chopping boards, pepper mills, and the like. Wood gives an ambiance of hominess and warmth.

Use patterned curtains. A cozy kitchen should remind you of a country home kitchen, even when viewed from outside. Get your kitchen windows some curtains with floral or plaid patterns. These contribute to an ambiance of hominess.

Add padded chairs. Kitchens usually have stools or benches. These are good, but it your kitchen would be cozier if you have padded chairs. Softer chairs would look and feel more comfortable in a kitchen setting. You would have a more comfortable time eating breakfast or chatting with friends and family members while preparing meals.

Add rugs. Soft rugs can help add to a cozy ambiance. These feel great under your feet especially on those cold winter mornings.

Fill in if there is too much space. Depending on the size of your home, you may have a small or large kitchens. While movement is definitely easier on a large kitchen, this might prove to be too spacious for comfort. Consider adding an island, if the space can accommodate it. You can use this space to do some of the cooking, chopping and mixing This way, you can effectively utilize the space without being too cluttered.

Use bright-colored kitchen tools. You don’t necessarily have to be too color-coordinated in your kitchen. Use bright colors to accent your countertops and utensils. Your kitchen would have a homey atmosphere if you have an array of bright-colored kitchen implements like pots, pans, mixers, blenders, and the like. In contrast, having everything in stainless steel might not feel too homey.

A cozy kitchen should feel used and homey. Why not bake some cookies or prepare a really delicious meal? The smell of good food should be inviting enough, and everyone in the family would want to converge in the kitchen to help around and, of course, to eat. Having family members around the kitchen would make it feel cozy. Creating a cozy kitchen is all about having a space where everyone would want to hang around and enjoy the space you've created.


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