How To Create a Hanging Plate Display

If you’re looking for some artwork or something interesting to hang on your wall, why not try hanging your plates? If you have some extra fine bone china, or some vintage plates in your home, you can use these as pieces of art. Plates aren’t just for eating anymore. They can be used to make a dramatic and interesting treatment for your walls.

Here’s how to create a hanging plate display.

  1. Select plates you would like to display. If you have some sets that are incomplete, don’t throw away the rest of it. Use the rest as decoration. You may have some special heirloom china. Why not enjoy gazing at it every day instead of just using it once a year? It’s your choice if you want plain white china against a boldly colored wall. You may also opt for plates with some interesting designs or patterns. You can mix and match prints, patterns, colors and sizes.
  2. Choose a wall you would like to hang you plate display. Ideally, it should be in a space where people can’t bump into it, such as the space above the buffet. You don’t have to limit yourself to common places such as the kitchen or dining room to put up your plates. Why not try the living room area, or even a bedroom?
  3. Purchase invisible plate hangers. These are adhesive hooks that stick to the back of your plates. You can also use metal plate hangers that hold your plates much like an easel.
  4. Give your plates a good cleaning. To prepare them for display, wash the plate thoroughly and use some scouring paste on the back. Handle the plates carefully to prevent any fading or chipping. Let the plates dry completely.
  5. Arrange the plates on the floor space or table across the wall that you will hang them on. If you prefer, you can trace out their shapes onto paper and cut those out. You can hang the paper cut outs on the wall and secure with some tape to give you an idea how the plates will appear on the wall.
  6. Turn all the plates over and stick the hanging plate adhesive onto the back of the plates. You will need to wet the adhesive a bit to get it sticky. Don’t worry about damaging the plates. The adhesives wash off after a good soak in water in case you change your mind in the future. Leave on the adhesive overnight to dry.
  7. Use a hammer and small nails to hang the plates the next morning. Follow your design pattern. It’s best to hang one plate at a time rather than hammer all the nails in at the same time. This will give you a better idea as to the spacing on the wall. Try hanging the bottom ones first so you can make sure your display doesn’t sit too low.
  8. If you prefer, you may also purchase a hanging display rack and put your plate in it for display.

Next time you want to spruce up some wall space, use your china and create a beautiful hanging plate wall display.


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