How To Create a Ladybug Theme Nursery

It can be a major dilemma for expecting parents when it comes to deciding how to decorate the nursery for their coming wee one. Rather than go for traditional pink blossoms and fairy princess theme for girls and sports theme for boys, there are a host of other beautiful themes that can be used to decorate a nursery. You can find inspiration from children’s books or search the web for them.  One good theme for your bundle of joy is a ladybug theme. You can incorporate a fairy tale approach to it and bring nature indoors with flowers, grass, and sun and of course ladybugs. Although most ladybugs are portrayed as red with black dots, there are also yellow and black and orange and black ladybugs. There are some that are almost black with red dots, too so your color palette can have more variety. Below are some ideas on how you can create a ladybug theme nursery.

  • Look for crib bedding with ladybug appliqués and ladybug prints. You may have to search for this, as this is not very common. A baby quilt or blanket with ladybug prints should be the first thing that you should buy. Or you can look for a crib with a ladybug motif
  • Look for fabrics in pastel shades printed with ladybugs. Use the fabric to make pillow cases, sheets and extra crib bedding. Or you can buy a plain fabric in any of the ladybug colors and then create one big or several small ladybug appliqués to decorate the fabric and turn it into a quilt or a bed sheet.
  • If you are into bold colors, buy a red fabric and add black circles to replicate the colors of a ladybug. You can also buy a grass or young leaf green bed sheet and look for pillows that are shaped like ladybugs. Look for bolster pillows that have small ladybug prints, too.
  • If you cannot find wallpaper with a ladybug print, think about painting the nursery walls. Get inspiration from children’s books and paint the upper wall with sky blue and add some clouds. Include a smiling sun in the sky scenery. From the floor up to midpoint of the wall, paint the area green. You can use three shades of green, dark at the bottom, medium green next and the lightest green on top. Make the walls two-dimensional by varying the shape of the grassy lawn. Make it wavy with slopes and incline. Add blades of grass on some portions and plenty of big flowers. Include several ladybugs in different poses – on the leaves, on the flower stems or in flight with wings open. Add short broken lines to trace the flight of the ladybugs. Include other insects such as butterflies and dragonflies to break the monotony. Paint the ladybugs in red, orange and yellow for variety.
  • Look for a crib mobile, which features ladybugs and flowers as well as butterflies. You can also look for some other accessories like ladybug-shaped cabinet handles. How about a night light shaped like a lady bug?

Do not go overboard with decorating the nursery with ladybugs though or your baby may only see red and black. Choose the decorative items and accessories well and stick to plain ladybug colors for the rest.


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