How To Create a Landscaped Walkway

It is very inviting to step on a landscaped walkway leading to your front door. It has a charm all its own and is a welcoming sight for you and any one who visits your home. There is no hard and fast rule in creating a landscaped walkway. It depends on your personality and where you are situated and the amount of space that you have to create a landscaped walkway. You can design your own landscaped walkway or do some research by looking at photographs of beautiful homes in magazines and on the web. Here are some tips on how to create a landscaped walkway.

  • Survey the area and get measurements. Decide on the design or pattern of your walkway. If you already have a concrete walkway, you may want to beautify the outside line of the pathway. If you want a new one they you have to remove the concrete one first.
  • Decide on the materials that you will use for the pathway. You have to choose the river stones, pre-cast pavers, shrubs, flowering plants, lights, or stone slabs. You have to consider your hardiness zone, the amount of rainfall that you get in a year and the amount of foot traffic the walkway will receive.
  • If you decided to use a freeform, meandering walkway then it is best to somehow trace the pattern from your gate to your porch or front door or extend the walkway up to your garden. Dig a shallow trench on the area you have identified to be the walkway and cover it with landscape cloth. This will prevent the paving material you use to line the walkway from sinking in the dirt as well as avoid weeds and grasses from sprouting between the paving materials.
  • Plant the flowering plants while you are digging the trench. Give each plant enough space to grow healthily.  Choose plants with colorful flowers so you can have a burst of color in spring and summer. Add mulch around the plants and surround them with decorative stones to fill the gaps and keep the overall look neater. If you are including low shrubs along the walkway, you also need to consider how they will look when fully grown. Plant them at a good distance from each other so that there will be no overcrowding later. Fill the gaps underneath with your paving material.
  • Add solar-powered garden lights to provide illumination to the walkways in the evening. Choose a design that will complement your newly created walkway and the general exterior of your house. This will provide a decorative touch during daytime and lighting as well as security at night.
  • Showcase your creativity and extend your landscaped walkway to the side and back of your house to lead to a backyard garden. This will prevent people from stepping on the grass and allow them to follow a path around your garden.

Have fun while creating your landscaped walkway. This is part of your home and can add to your home’s elegance and appeal. Decide on the design elements and the things that you will need to create your landscaped walkway before you proceed and let your imagination do the rest.


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