How To Create a Masculine Bedroom

The masculine bedroom is comfortable but cool and downplayed. Instead of vibrant colors and excessive furnishings, the masculine bedroom is focused on details. Whether you are decorating a bedroom for a male friend, or for yourself, here are some basics that you need to remember in order to create a masculine bedroom.

  • Room features. First of all, you will need to evaluate the space allotted for the bedroom itself. This will help you decide what types of furnishings you can introduce, and what type of decorative items you can use for the bedroom. If the room is very small, for instance, you should minimize the use of paintings for decoration. If the room has large windows, on the other hand, you can focus on adding window dressings that will make the window and the scenery outside of the window as the focal point of the room.
  • Space. Next, try to imagine the basics that you need to put inside the bedroom. To do this, you must consider the function for the bedroom. If the bedroom will be used solely for sleeping, then a bed and a few drawers and cabinets for clothes will do. If the bedroom is to be used for studying or for light reading before bedtime, however, you may want to include a small bedside table and add more lighting to the room. Also consider the personality of the room owner. Just because the room is supposed to be masculine does not mean that it should not have character. There are some men who like the arts for instance. If this is the case, you can add a few paintings or a few sculptures on the bedside table. Or you can choose artsy lamps instead of a simple sconce by the wall.
  • Color palette. The color palette will greatly influence the ambience of the room. Make sure that you choose colors that are muted but earthy, such as grays, dark blues, navy blues, browns, moss greens, and other woodsy colors. These colors are both muted but spirited, and will not overwhelm the eyes. Make sure that you choose at least two distinct colors, one of which will be the primary color, while the other will be the accenting color. The primary colors will be used for the walls, ceiling, floor, et cetera, while the accent colors will be used for the furniture, and details in the room such as the curtain rods, door, window frame, et cetera.
  • Bedding. The bedding should be comfortable, but should also be in keeping with the general color scheme for the room. As much as possible, you should avoid bedding that have bold and large prints in them. Instead, opt for classy and basic prints, such as stripes, squares, and other simple and unobtrusive patterns.

Finally, make sure that you add finishing touches such as alarm clocks, lamps, dressers, and other details that will complete the room. When choosing these finishing touches, always make sure that you opt for something that is clean and solid looking, with colors that match the color palette in the room. With these steps, you should be able to easily decorate a bedroom for men.


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