How To Create a Mediterranean Patio

A lot of people who have visited the Mediterranean want to take a piece of the land back home with them. Whether you have been to the Mediterranean yourself or if you have only seen the land in pictures and magazines, you can still infuse a Mediterranean touch to your home by creating a Mediterranean patio. Here’s how.

  • Shade. First of all, you should work on adding shade to your patio. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Mediterranean patios is that they always have a shade hanging above the patio. This is very important since in the Mediterranean, the sun shines very brightly and it can be very hot, which is why the shade is important. Shade can be constructed creatively. Instead of simply adding a roof overhead, you can also use curtains, rugs, and pieces of fabric to construct shade for the patio. You can also layer pieces of wood on a lattice framework to get a shade.
  • Bleaching and painting. You will also notice that most of the homes in the Mediterranean are bleached and with cracking walls. This is the natural effect of sunlight directly shining on the walls for extended periods of time. If you live in rather cold or cloudy areas, getting the sun bleached walls can be difficult. You can, however, use specific paints that are colored creams, pinks, or other dusky colors, which will simulate the bleached look of the Mediterranean. There are some people who wash their walls to get the bleached look, too. If you have the time and the patience, you can also run a piece of sandpaper over the paint so that it will get an aged and weathered look.
  • Bricks and adobe. In terms of construction materials, consider using bricks and adobe, which are the usual materials that are used to construct Mediterranean walls. If you are not building the patio from scratch and are simply renovating it, you can simply slather on some adobe on the walls even if it is made from other materials. There are also some tiles that are designed to imitate bricks, which you can layer on top of your regular patio wall.
  • Dry. Another feature that Mediterranean walls have is dryness. If you want to make your walls look dry, you should consider adding some rough patches on the wall, which will give it a dry texture no matter how cloudy the weather is. To do this, simply take some very fine sand and mix it with some fine cement. Take a brush and use it to cover the surface of the wall. Afterwards, allow the cement to dry and then add some paint over the walls.
  • Plants. Finally, take a lot of terracotta pots and add some plants. Put these around the patio. Usually, Mediterranean patios have a line of potted plants to absorb the heat and give the patio a cool feeling. You can recreate this by using pots of plants such as rosemary, thyme, lavender, and other herbs.

If a touch of the Mediterranean is what you want for your home, you can easily recreate it by designing your patio to look like the Mediterranean. With these steps, you should be able to do this easily.


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