How To Create a Mid-Century Modern Living Room

If your living room looks lifeless and uninviting to you, you can liven it up a bit by converting it into one that reflects a Mid-Century Modern style.  If you style your home like this, it will look simplified and less cluttered; therefore, the minimalist theme provides for greater accessibility in your living room.  This style will remind you of ranch style homes whose popularity rose in the 1960s.  In this article, you will learn tips and techniques on how to create a mid-century modern living room.

  1. Read about and study mid-century design.  This is an essential step towards understanding the changes that you want to make to your living room so that it will appear more mid-century modern in style.  There are many books and magazines that you can check out.  Learn about the architectural styles of the period, as well as the general aesthetic principles used in interior decorating for homes during the period.  Although the mid-Century period lasted for about thirty years or so, the main principles and basic design elements are relatively fixed.
  2. Study the current layout of your living room. Notice its shape, the arrangement of the objects inside the living space, the amount of unused space, and so on. Observe the various angles and corners of the room, as well as the lines bounding the space.  If you want, you can measure the wall and floor areas, as well as ceiling height.  The insights you get from studying your current living room will be useful in deciding what changes, additions, and subtractions you will make to your living room.
  3. Create a design.  Put it on paper (or canvas, if you prefer).  Start with an empty page.  This means that you will be designing your living room’s interior as if it were empty and unoccupied.  White walls and uncluttered floors are characteristic of the mid-century modern style.  Keep this in mind when creating your design.  If you prefer the color of your wall to be not white, choose a monochromatic shade that is common during the mid-century.  The style during the period is simplistic without sacrificing stylishness.
  4. Buy living room items. Needless to say, buy living room furniture, accessories, and fixtures that reflect mid-century modern style.  Melamine and colored plastic were popular materials used during the period.  Vinyl and formica were also common.  The idea behind mid-century modern style is durability coupled with functionality - but never at the expense of a modern appearance.  Never overstock or overdecorate your living room.  Mid-century style is characterized by simplicity and sparseness.  Your design should be modest and clean, with a few accents.
  5. Choose appropriate lighting.  Lighting is an important feature of a mid-century modern style living room.  The light fixtures are not just providers of illumination to the room - they are also artworks that beautify the room while illuminating at the same time.

Converting your living room into one that has a mid-century modern style is a refreshing activity that you can do easily.  With these tips in mind, you should be able to simplify your living room in very little time.


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