How To Create a Prayer Room in Your Home

To many people, prayer time is the time when they commune with themselves and with God. It is the moment they allot for self meditation, planning and uplifting their cares and troubles in life. You can actually say your prayers anytime and anywhere. However for a more blissful prayer experience you need to have a particular room or space in the house where you can spend quiet time with God. To create a prayer room in your home you do not really need a very big area. Even a quiet nook will suffice as long as it provides the right ambience for a meditative and solemn prayer moment. Here are tips that you can use in creating a prayer room in your home:

  • Select a spare room in your house that is not being used by anyone. A guest room will do since it is not everyday that you have guests anyway. Just make sure that you keep away all your prayer paraphernalia when it is time you have a guest call. The prayer room should be quiet and away from noises that can distract you while praying.
  • Place a divider or partition to separate a corner of a room as your exclusive prayer nook. Use curtains or plywood to create a space detached from the rest of the room.
  • Consider your religion. If you are a Catholic, your prayer room must contain the basic Catholic prayer articles such as rosaries, crucifix, religious icons and images and statues of saints and of the Virgin Mary. A Bible for Catholics, prayer booklets, chaplets and holy water are also essential items you can include in your prayer room. Use a small table or a console to represent your altar where you can place your religious articles.

If you belong to other religions such as Protestant or Seventh Day Adventist, prayer articles are not needed, as they are not required in your religious practice. If you can afford it – install a stained glass window on the side to provide a more solemn atmosphere.

  • Furnish your prayer room with kneeling boards, chairs and tables. Place foam or cushion on the kneelers to provide comfort.
  • Spread a table cloth (preferably white) on the prayer table. Arrange the prayer articles on the table and add a vase of fresh flowers. Add a candle on the side to provide a symbol of hope and inspiration during your prayer moments.
  • Install curtains on windows to cover any unpleasant views outside such as gossiping and prying neighbors.
  • Include a stereo set where you can play religious hymns to set the mood during your prayer time.
  • Provide a writing book where you can write down your petitions and prayers. A lot of believers say that by writing down your requests and prayers, your prayers will most likely be granted.
  • Have a fan mounted on the ceiling or wall to cool you off while praying during the hot summer season.

Most believers consider prayer rooms sacred and holy. Hence you should tell the members of the family that they should treat it as a place of worship and that they should regard a person in prayer with respect and acknowledgment.


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