How To Create a Rustic Faux Finish

A rustic faux finish refers to a painting technique that gives an antiquated, distressed look. You could opt for this style if you want to create a warm, comfortable, old-world charm look for your home. This rustic look works with various home decorating schemes such as beach house, country, Mexican, bohemian and cottage chic. So if you’re looking to discover how to create a rustic faux finish to your home, here are some tips to help you out:

Prepare your materials. You would need paint (a base coat plus top coat), a rag for cleaning the surfaces, paintbrush, sandpaper, and silicate of soda.

Clean the surfaces that you would like to paint. Take the time to prep your surfaces to make sure that the paint adheres to them well. You could just simply wipe the surfaces down with a soapy rag, to get rid of dust and other dirt. Make sure that you rinse the surface well with water afterwards. Let it dry thoroughly.

Prepare the room. Cover the floor and other surfaces that you don’t intend to paint to avoid drips and splatters on them.

Paint the surface with the base coat. Make sure that the base coat is in semi-gloss or gloss. It’s also recommended that you use a warm color for the base coat, to make it more noticeable under the top coat. Use medium strokes for this step, and let it completely dry before you go to the next step.

Apply the first top coat. This is the step when you start putting in a rustic, distressed finish to the surface. Add grit, silicate of soda or grain to the top coat and brush it on the surface. Use top coat that is lighter – preferably in an antique neutral shade - than the base coat, to give a textured look to the surface. Let this dry completely.

Apply a second top coat. Lightly paint over the distressed top coat you applied previously. This step will further seal in your paint. Let this dry completely.

Further “distress” the surface. Sandpaper the edges and corners, to further give it a worn look. Make sure that you do this gently. You wouldn’t want the paint to completely come off. Remember, your goal here is to make the surface appear rustic and vintage.

Add rustic pieces to the room
. To enhance the total rustic effect to the room, make sure that you put in furniture and lighting that matches your wall’s finish. You could also create a rustic faux finish to your furniture, by following the steps above.

There you have it! These are the steps to create a rustic faux finish to any room. Also remember to keep the room well-ventilated while you work, so you would avoid inhaling dangerous paint fumes. After you finish this project, step back and enjoy the charm that your rustic design scheme lends. Quite different from the usual stark, overly-clean walls that we usually see, right? Good luck!


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