How To Create a Rustic Garden

There is no other better garden than a rustic one. Though such kind of garden portrays an old-fashioned space, it creates a very charming and peaceful yard for your home. And the good news for you is that it is not that tough to create one for your home garden. See how you can come up with your very own rustic garden through following these easy steps:

  • Study your garden space. It is very important that before starting your project, you know how much space you have for the garden. This is to help you decide what furniture and accessories to grab for the garden. Take note that a rustic garden can come out to be a simple one or an extravagant space.
  • Consider adding a birdhouse or bird feeders. The sight of birds in your garden can easily give your garden a rustic ambiance. Hence, it is a good consideration to add wooden bird houses where your pets can stay. On the other hand, bird feeders can attract and invite birds from afar so that your garden can be a welcoming space for nature's flying creatures.
  • Add a porch swing. You are free to choose a swing made of wrought iron or wood. Besides being a great sight for a rustic garden, a swing can provide an added comfort to your space.
  • Grab other garden accents. Wind vanes, wall panes, and flower pots can magically create a rustic feel to your garden. It is also a good idea to make whiskey barrels or rain barrels as flower pots. Also, wall panes are best to be attached on the fences or window sill for better accentuation of the garden.
  • Add a trellis. Ivy plants crawling in a trellis of your choice will create a good rustic ambiance for the garden. Choose between a large trellis going over the patio or a small one leaning against the wall of your house.
  • Consider more extravagant additions. A rustic garden usually has a fountain, pond, wishing well, and small windmill. Adding any of these options to your garden will instantly create a focal point in your rustic garden. Though these additions can be expensive, you can change the size and design of a pond, for example, to match your overall budget.
  • Determine your plant options. There are a lot of kinds of plants to choose from for your rustic garden. Hence, it is necessary to choose which one to get for your garden. There are flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees you must decide upon. Then, decide what kind of flowers, shrubs, and other plants you wish to plant in your rustic garden.
  • Design your garden. Now that you have collected all the items for your garden, it is time to arrange them all together. Make sure that each item is placed strategically in your garden space. Use your creativity and imagination to come up with a beautiful rustic garden you can be proud of. Or, check out garden design ideas in books, magazines, or online resources that you can apply for your very own garden.

Granted that you have the space and budget for accents, it is not far that you can create a charming and old-fashioned garden for your home. However, the process of creating a rustic garden does not just end there. It is important that you know how to maintain everything in the garden for a great rustic garden all throughout the years.


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