How To Create a Stork Sign

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Announce the birth of a new little one with a colorful stork sign that can be mounted in the front lawn. It is possible to let the world know about your new bundle of joy in a tasteful way by creating your own personalized stork sign to grace your home. Follow these steps to create a stork sign.


  • 1 sheet 3/8 or ½ inch plywood
  • Paint
  • Pencil
  • Traceable pattern
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper
  1. Find an image you like. Stork images should be easy to find on the internet. There are several available each holding either a balloon shape or wrapped bundle for placing the name and announcement. Yard size storks should be at least 3 feet tall. Using a single sheet of plywood you can make a stork up to 8 feet tall if you like. Find an image then blow it up to the size you want your stork.
  2. Trace the pattern. Place the image onto the sheet of plywood then trace the image like a pattern with your pencil. Place the pattern so it is four to six inches from the bottom of the wood. These four to six inches will be stuck into the ground to secure the stork in the yard. Don't just trace the outline. Use your pencil to press deep to trace all the lines and shapes from the image. Once you have the full image traced onto the plywood you no longer need the pattern.
  3. Cut out the shape. Cut out around the outside of the pattern to create the body shape of the stork. You should now have the basic side of the stork. Save the scrap pieces of wood from the plywood, you might need some to create a stand on the back of the stork if it won't stay upright in the yard.
  4. Sand the edges. Before you can paint try sanding the edges of your stork so there are no splintered or rough edges.
  5. Paint the design. Use a thick brush to paint the lines you traced using your pencil. Create the outline and defining features first. Paint the body of the stork white. Then with a slow touch, fill in the features, clothes and other decorations using colors. When possible you might want to select pink paint for a girl and blue for a boy. If you don't know the sex of the child before the birth you might consider choosing gender neutral primary colors. Paint everything except the name and date since you don't know them yet.
  6. Let the paint dry. If is best to make your stork a few weeks before the baby is born so that you don't have to rush to finish it or get distracted. Let the surface dry fully in your garage or back yard while waiting for your bundle of joy to arrive.
  7. Add the finishing touches. Once the child arrives, paint in the name and birth date. Allow this paint to dry for a few hours.
  8. Place the stork. Place the stork in your front yard to announce your new arrival. Push the wood into the ground so that the bottom protrudes into the ground and hold the stork upright. If you notice the stork leaning you should attach two pieces of the scrap wood in the shape of a V to the back of the stork at the base. This should keep the stork from falling over.

The yard stork is a fun way to announce your newest arrival. Follow these steps to create a stork that is unique for your little one.


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