How To Create a Vintage Chic Chandelier

Vintage chic has been in fashion for quite some time now, and it has extended from clothes to room and furniture design. If you’re a fan of this look, the great news is that you could easily revive old, outdated furniture into vintage chic using basic home improvement supplies. One project you could start with is light fixtures, specifically chandeliers. So if you’re looking to find out how to create vintage chic chandelier, here are some easy steps to help you out:

  1. Prepare your materials. For this project, you’d need an old but still sturdy chandelier; cleaning supplies; spray primer; sandpaper; paint and paintbrush; crackling paint; masking tape; ruler and scissors.
  2. Thoroughly clean the chandelier. This step is very important, since paint does not effectively attach to dirty or dusty materials. Make sure that you sandpaper the chandelier thoroughly, and then run through it a clean cloth dipped in soapy water. Rinse it with water afterwards and wipe dry. Also, detach all removable parts, such as all wiring, decorations, and bulb sockets. For parts that cannot be removed but which you wouldn’t want to paint over, make sure that you cover them completely with masking tape.
  3. Spray the chandelier with primer. This will help prevent rust from forming. Do this outdoors since this step requires proper ventilation. Let the primer dry for about an hour or less.
  4. Paint the surface. For this step, you could use white, silver, or brown paint. Paint the chandelier completely and let it dry for about four hours. Afterwards, create a distressed effect by using a crackle paint technique (see step 5).
  5. Use a crackle paint technique. The crackle paint technique refers to creating a finish that looks like old, peeling paint, and with the previous paint layers showing through. That’s why the undercoat that you use on your chandelier (see step 4) is very important, since this color will be seen through the top color, or the crackled paint. To apply the cracking paint, first apply the cracking medium that is colorless. Allow this to dry for an hour. Next, apply the top coat, or the crackle paint. If you want to produce a well-defined cracking look, you should apply the cracked paint thickly; otherwise, just apply a thin coat. Let the cracking paint dry completely.
  6. Remove all the masking tape. It is recommended that you do this before the paint dries completely.
  7. Decorate the chandelier. Now it’s up to you to add more decors to the chandelier. You could consider attaching crystal drops to each socket area (you’d need to drill holes for this) or adding tiny lampshades to the chandelier.
  8. Reattach the wiring. You may want to consult a professional electrician for this step, and let him take care of hanging your chandelier to your ceiling as well.

There you have it! These are the simple, easy steps to create a vintage chic chandelier. So if you want to make a statement with your home, this is one project that could easily accomplish in one day! Good luck! 


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