How To Create a Vintage Chic Home

A vintage chic home has a muted, feminine, and soft look to it. With the use of a light and pastel color palette and worn-out decorative pieces, it gives off a homey, welcoming atmosphere that embraces every person who steps into the house. Creating a vintage chic home is almost like putting together a cottage home, which, although puts emphasis on style, aims to make a house that everyone would like to come back to. Here is how to make a vintage chic home.

  • Start with the wall. The wall will set the overall look of the interior, so you have to choose the perfect wall design and color. Vintage chic design patterns are known for floral, stripes, and plaid. The colors are warm and homey. Pale shades of pink, blue, yellow, green, and purple are often used. You can be bold in your choice of wall design and patterns and use multiple colors, since the muted colors of the decorative items will balance off the wall.
  • Choose antique-like and worn-out furniture and decorative items. What’s good about vintage chic is that old and worn-out items are provided with a new purpose. In fact, when it comes to vintage chic decoration, the older the items look, the better, given, of course, that the items are still highly functional. Look for chairs, couches, center tables, mirrors lampshades, candleholders, and vases in thrift and second-hand stores. You can also ask from your older relatives a few items that to them have already ceased of being of use. Then, paint such items in muted pink, green, yellow, or blue. White is also an option. Add some accents to make the items more elegant. You can use faux peals, laces, and ribbons.
  • Take note of the fabrics. Fabrics for curtains, pillows, beddings, bedspreads, table cloths, and other like items should also be carefully considered. As in the case of other items, they should look worn and have to be in pastel colors. You don’t necessarily have to buy old items; newer items will do, for as long they fit the definition of vintage chic home. You can also make use of quilts, laces, and doilies. Quilts, for instance, can be spread over a couch or a bed. The laces and doilies can be used in decorating vases, frames, and pillows.
  • Have old-looking flooring. As with all things vintage chic, the flooring should have that worn-out and old appeal. Wood comes as an easy option; you only need to have it treated to achieve that look. Consider other flooring options, too. And pick that one that works in harmony with the rest of the house. If you don’t have enough money to change your flooring, you can opt to use rugs and carpets in shades of pink, blue, yellow, or green, with floral or stripes design patterns.

When creating a vintage chic home, think of simplicity, softness, elegance, and warmth. It is a home where mix and match is a theme, where everything is invitingly cozy, and where the atmosphere is light and breezy.


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