How To Create a Water Feature

We love water in our gardens. We can lose our daily stresses and problems while listening to our waterfalls and watching our fish. The water lily scent permeates the garden while we enjoy sipping an icy glass of tea next to the water garden.

Follow these easy steps to build an inexpensive water feature for your backyard garden. You will be hooked on ponds.

Step 1

Decide where to put your water feature. Find a spot where you can see and hear it from where you relax in your garden and house.

Step 2

Be sure you have a relatively flat spot for your water feature. If your location is not quite flat, use some kids' play sand to flatten it out. Level it with a level.

Step 3

Using 2-inch x 12-inch boards, make a shape you like. Start with 2-inch x 12-inch x 8-feet long for the sides. For the ends, use 2-inch x 12-inch x 4-feet lengths of lumber. Use angle brackets to attach the ends to the sides. Build the rectangle on the sand you have leveled in your water feature location.

Step 4

Using 15 pound roofing felt, line the bottom of the box you have built. Run the felt up the sides and over the top of the box. Now, put a 45 mil rubber pond liner in the box, so it laps over the sides as well. Fill the pond with water now. Do not go any further until you fill up your pond.

Step 5

When the pond is full, finish the pond with 1-inch x 4-inch pieces of lumber along the top. You can paint these boards if you like, or cover them up with flat rocks. The rocks will make the pond look more natural. If you pile 5 or 6 large flat rocks in a corner, you can have a waterfall. Use a pump to push water over the falls.

Step 6

Add submerged vegetation, floating plants and emergent plants for a balanced pond. Use a dechlorinator to remove chlorine and heavy metals from the water and add goldfish for a finished pond.

You can build ponds under the ground or above ground like this one. You can use wood, cinder blocks, flat rocks and make your pond as easy or as intricate as you wish. 


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