How To Create Beautiful Decor with Glass Bottles

Decorating bottle

Beautiful glass bottles in a rainbow of colors or clear pristine glass bottles present many opportunities for creative decorating; as a bonus, you can feel good about recycling the bottles and keeping them out of a landfill.  Many products come in bottles that are too colorful, shapely and charming to discard. Think beyond your college days when you decorated with Chianti bottles covered in melted wax. As a full-grown adult you can explore more sophisticated ideas for decorating with glass bottles in a way that’s both fun and refined.

Step 1

Color and Light
Colored glass really needs light to show off to its best advantage. Line bottles up on a windowsill or above a doorway that is topped with a transom window. If you have a fireplace that’s backlit by windows on either side of the mantle or sconces installed above, a row of colored glass bottles can be lined up with precise symmetry or clustered for a casual look. Let them stand alone or intersperse with votive candles in glass holders that will add more sparkle to the arrangement.  Wherever you use colored glass bottles, they are perfect vessels for your favorite garden blooms. Place a single bloom in each bottle for modern impact.

Step 2

Lidded, capped and corked
Pretty bottles with lids, caps or bottle stops are elegant gems that can be used in the bathroom or bedroom to hold your favorite lotions and soaps. Arrange them on a silver or mirrored tray. Leave one empty to hold tea-cup daffodils or miniature roses.

Glass bottles and lidded jars can be used to hold collectibles, such as seashells, buttons, colored sand and beads. Use them to create a one-of-a-kind memory capsule for a bridal or baby shower: Tuck in ribbon and lace, small photos, little toys, keepsakes and trinkets, then tie a pretty ribbon attached to a sprig of dried flowers around the neck of the bottle and add your personal message on a parchment tag. Punch a hole in the tag and run the same ribbon through it.

And don’t overlook used bottles and jars in the kitchen where you can enlist them to create a special presentation for tasty flavored oils and herbed vinegars that you whip up as gifts. They are also ideal for marinated and pickled veggies and dried cookie and cake mixtures or spice rubs.

Step 3

Unique Uses for Bottles
A light kit, some copper wiring to swirl into a hanger, a drill bit and a glass-cutting saw, as well as your ingenuity, are all that you need to turn a bottle into a hanging light fixture.

Or create a beautiful edge to a garden path with empty wine bottles. You’ll need a lot of them, so ask friends to save their empties; then simply dig a trench on both sides of your path and insert the bottle upside down so that several inches of the bottle’s bottom will stick out of the soil; then backfill.  They look especially nice as edging for paths made of pea rock and small stones. You can leave the bottles in place over the winter; a few may crack, but they are easy enough to replace.

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