How To Create Decorative Tile Mosaics

A tile mosaic offers a pretty adornment to any room, and the good news is that you don’t have to buy an expensive tile mosaic for your home. Here is how you can make your own tile mosaic.

  1. Prepare the materials for your tile mosaic project. The materials for the tile mosaic are the following: plywood as base for the tile mosaic; pieces of ceramic tile, glass tile, marble or even china; all-purpose glue; tile grout; hammer; plastic bag; pencil or colored marker; carbon paper; squeegee, palette knife or scraper; and towels or soft cloth.
  2. Prepare the tiles for your mosaic project. You can use different shapes of tiles to make the mosaic more interesting and more original. To cut them, you can use a pair of tile nippers, making sure that you are wearing eye gear and gloves to protect you from splinters and dust. An alternative is by placing the tiles in a plastic bag and smashing them into pieces using a hammer until you get the desired size.
  3. Outline your design on the plywood base. Using a pencil or colored marker, sketch your design on the plywood base. If you want to use a design that you found somewhere, like from a magazine or a book and you can’t draw it on your own, you can use a carbon paper to trace it on your plywood base.
  4. Lay out the tiles on the design. Lay out the tiles on the design you sketched on the plywood base. By doing this, you can make sure that the colors of the tiles match, and that you have enough tiles to cover the design. Make sure that you place about 1/8 inch of space between each tile.
  5. Glue the tiles on the plywood base. After you are done arranging the tiles on the plywood base, glue each tile in place using your all purpose glue. Let it dry for at least a minimum of 8 hours.
  6. Apply grout on the surface of your tile mosaic design. The paste we used earlier is for the base of the tiles to attach them on the plywood base. The grout will keep the tiles firmly locked together on the sides. Add water to the grout until you produce a muddy-like texture. Using a squeegee, a palette knife or your bare hands, apply the grout on the surface of the design. Remember to apply grout in between each tile, pressing with your fingers to make sure that there is enough grout. Scrape away the excess grout and then wipe the remainder using a dry cloth or towel then let the grout dry for about an hour.
  7. Buff the surface of the tile mosaic. Once the grout is dry, get a damp cloth or towel and lightly wipe off the remaining grout. After all the excess grout is removed, use a dry soft cloth or towel and buff the surface of the tile mosaic.

After you’ve mastered this tile mosaic project, you can make more pieces for your home or as gifts to your family and friends.


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