How To Create Foam Wall Decorations

During your child's growth and development years, it is your job to create an environment that will provide both safety and security. His space and surrounding should lead to an avenue wherein creativity and intellect can be adequately harnessed. You can give your child’s room a big boost in safety and appeal by employing foam wall decorations. Here are some tips that you can use.

1.    Your child knows best. Even though you are the grown up in this scenario it’s better to ask the opinion of your child. You can use this to identify the theme and the materials needed for you foam wall project. If you are in the position wherein an infant is involved, you can rekindle with your early years as a child to determine designs that will tickle your baby’s interest.

2.    Let your creativity fly high. Here are some common themes that you can choose from. You don’t have to limit yourself with one choice. Let the child in you help you establish an area geared towards play and learning.

  • There are countless cartoon and movie characters you can choose from. The gender of your child is an important consideration.
  • Provide your child with a chance to learn early by putting up numbers and letters on the wall of the room.
  • Your theme can be used to dictate the mood and ambiance in the room. You can go with the natural feel of a beach or the tranquil experience of the forest. Bring in the flowers, ladybugs, and the stars.
  • Foam wall decors are not only about the visual stimulation. You can add in a tune or two to contribute to your child’s interest.

3.    Carve the family portrait. If you have extra monetary resource there are wall foams that can be custom-made. You can bring in the whole family in this one. You can help your child ease up with the common faces giving him a feeling of warmth and belongingness.

4.    Make your own. You can save up by coming up with your own wall foam decoration. Combine shape in different sizes to produce a design that will suit the needs of your child. Balloons and teddies are the common object used. Follow this simple guide to fascinate you child.

  • For the teddy bear trace different dimensions for each part. The head will require 5 inches, 8 inches for the body, one inch for the nose and eyes, and 2 inches for the mouth, ears, and four paws.
  • The circles to be used for the balloons should have a measure of 8 inches while the base can be constructed using small triangles.
  • Use a pair of scissors to cut out the patterns. It’s better to start at the corners of the foam going inwards.
  • Glue the portions of the teddy bear together as well as that of the balloon while using a newspaper to hold the parts.
  • Place your decoration on the wall using glue. In order to avoid damaging your wallpaper or wall paint you can work with a double-sided tape.

The simple act of creating a wall decoration for your child’s room is a strong example of how your hands can influence his progress. Take time and use your resources wisely.


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