How To Create Inexpensive Accent Lighting

If you want your room or home to take on a different mood or if you want to highlight a specific piece of artwork like a sculpture or painting, you might want to think about using accent lighting. The problem is most accent lighting fixtures can be a little expensive making it unfeasible to purchase. However, that does not mean you have no choice but to forego using accent lighting. There are many ways to create accent lighting without having to shell out any cash. Here is how to create inexpensive accent lighting:

  • Using the lights you already have. You do not need to go out and buy expensive new fixtures or hire someone to remodel and redecorate your home. Why purchase extra lights to actually create less light? You can have accent lighting just by using the lights you already have at home. Want to have romantic evening with a special someone? What you want to do with your lights is to diffuse them a little so that they are not as bright. Mix and match lampshades for different effects until you get the right one, cover lights with cellophane or Japanese paper to create a subdued effect and turn off all but a few of your lights to really make everything more intimate. Adjust lamps to use as makeshift spotlights on art pieces or even fashion one out of a flashlight. Ingenuity and creativity go a long way into creating inexpensive accent lighting.
  • Candles. Candles are not just for birthday parties and blackouts but are another great way to create inexpensive accent lighting. Go to your local home and bath store and purchase cheap candles to light up your room or house. You can get them in all colors, shapes and sizes and sometimes in different scents. Line your bathtub with them to provide a dimly-lit poolside atmosphere or use a single one to create an eerie glow, perfect for recreating the experience of telling ghost stories around a campfire. Just make sure that you keep them away from flammable objects especially if you use them to accent oil-based paintings and to blow them out when you are done. Never go to sleep with a candle still burning because you might just wake up with a start to see your entire house burning.
  • Natural light. Making the most of moonlight can really set the tone for a romantic evening. If it’s too dark, you can easily add candles or turn on a few choice lights so that you aren’t stumbling around in the dark. The point is moonlight can make excellent background lighting and a cheap alternative to purchasing and mounting light fixtures. It is perfect for dinners out in the open on the beach or backyard barbecues.

As you can see, there are many options open to you if you want to create accent lighting inexpensively. The best part of not having to purchase lighting fixtures is that you have no qualms about not using them. Plus, since you are creating something out of nothing, you are not stuck with one variation of accent lighting and can easily customize and arrange your inexpensive lighting fixtures to your liking.


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