How To Create Invisible Shelves

Looking for a creative way to store books in your dorm room or office, then look no further. You can create invisible shelves that create the illusion that your books are just hanging out on the wall, suspended in space. All you need is a few simple materials and some time and you can create invisible shelves.

  1. Decide where you want the shelf. If you are using multiple shelves then stagger their locations and heights to create a more dramatic and mysterious look.
  2. Choose the books to use. You will need at least one large, hardback book, preferably a textbook that you don’t use very often. Then select four or five other books that are smaller or graduated in size in comparison to the first book.
  3. Secure the metal shelf to the wall. The shelf is L-shaped so put the tall back of the L flat against the wall and the short end sticking out from the wall. Make sure the short end is level with the ground before getting started so your books don’t slide off the shelf. Use screws to secure the shelf tightly to the wall.
  4. Open the hardback book to the back cover. Slide the back cover under the shelf ledge and push it tightly into the small lips below the shelf. Make sure the book is secure then close the book over the top of the shelf.
  5. Stack the rest of the books. Add books one at a time on top of the hardback book and arrange as you like.

There you have it, a few simple steps and some hardware and you have created an invisible book shelf. Amaze and amuse your friends or just celebrate your own quirky design sense.


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