How To Create Primitive Country Decorations

As is true with all styles, interior decorating fads change often. Although the idea of what is popular sometimes seems to change with the calendar, there are some trends that never seem to fade away, or they keep making a comeback.

Primitive country decorations have remained in vogue throughout the years, sometimes being used in conjunction with more modern decorating schemes. For those seeking to purchase primitive decorations, the internet is an excellent source. There are countless sites where one can order online, or have a catalog sent to them by mail.

For those decorating on a budget, or who simply enjoy making things themselves, the ideas for primitive country decorations are limitless. With a good imagination, one can turn almost any antique or odd item into an eye-catching piece. There are many simple and inexpensive ideas for primitive country decorations.

A throw pillow can be made by simply cutting squares of contrasting material and stitching together until you have two pieces of the desired size for your pillow. Stitch these two large squares together facing each other, and leaving an open segment for turning. Turn the pillow casing and stuff with polyester fiberfill, which may be purchased in any store which sells craft items. After stuffing, hand stitch the open area. Place on your sofa or chair, and wait to be complimented!

Grapevine wreaths are another inexpensive primitive country decoration that is easily handmade. Wreaths may be purchased, or they may be hand crafted if one has access to large grapevines which need pruning. Making the wreath is as easy as cutting long sections of grapevine and forming them into a circle of the desired circumference for your wreath. Wrap as many layers of vine as needed until the wreath is approximately three inches thick all the way around. Secure with a single length of grapevine or florist wire wrapped tightly around the wreath. Your wreath is then ready to be decorated with items of your choice, to reflect the scheme of the room in which the wreath will hang. For example you might use small kitchen items, or miniatures on a wreath to be hung in the kitchen. Miniature toys or farm animals might adorn a wreath to hang in a child's room. Bows which compliment a certain color scheme could be used on a wreath for the living room. Silk or dried flowers, and dried or artificial berries are also very attractive when attached to a grapevine wreath.

Decorative wooden items are very popular also. These may be purchased pre-painted, or unpainted to be painted by the decorator. Simply paint the items to match your color scheme and spray with wood sealer.

These are only a few of the multitude of ideas for primitive country decorations. Happy decorating!


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