How To Create Silk Flower Arrangements for Outdoors

Nothing beats fresh flower arrangements except when the weather outdoors is not exactly sunny and bright. Using silk flower arrangements outdoors has an advantage over fresh ones. For starters, you can create the arrangements way in advance. This gives you time for other concerns. Another advantage is that silk flowers are not as easily destroyed compared to fresh flowers. If the weather’s too hot, they will not wilt fast. Downpour? Silk flowers will dry and hold their shape. Unlike some fresh flowers that are only available at certain times of the year, silk flowers of all types are readily available anytime.

Are you ready to create your own silk flower arrangement to put in your patio or for an outdoor affair? Then read on!

  • Identify the location for the arrangement. The location of the silk flower arrangement will determine its size as well as the shape. Arrangements placed on the reception tables can either be small and simple or huge and dramatic. Silk flowers can be used to decorate the gazebo or a garden archway. You can also make small arrangements that can line a walkway or path outdoors.
  • Design your arrangement. Make a mental design of your silk flower arrangement. You should have an idea as to the shape the arrangement will take, if there will be one main flower serving as a focal point or the whole arrangement will be a balanced mix of silk flowers.
  • Decide on silk flowers to use. You can choose from hundreds of silk flowers available in the market today. Silk flowers are life like and come in an array of beautiful colors, sizes and types. If the flowers will be used for an event, choose the flowers based on the theme of the event.
  • Gather your supplies. The supplies that you will need will depend on the size, shape and design of the arrangement. You will definitely need a container to hold the arrangement in, a Styrofoam block or floral foam, moss, double-sided tape or glue gun, pliers, silk flowers (main, secondary and fillers), silk foliage, floral tape, floral wire, utility knife and any additional accent pieces.
  • Prepare the container. Cut the floral foam or Styrofoam block using your utility knife according to the inside shape of the container. The foam should be at least one inch below the top of the container. If necessary, use double-sided tape or the glue gun to secure the foam to the inside of the container. Place a layer of moss to cover the one inch space. If necessary, glue the moss to the foam as well.
  • Create the arrangement. Start placing flowers into the container. Work from the top moving downwards for a rounded arrangement or semi-circle design. Or insert the main flowers first followed by the secondary flowers. You may need to cut the stems of the silk flowers to get the right height. Use floral wire to extend short stems. If bunches of flowers need to be inserted, use the floral wire to gather the flowers into a bunch. Make sure to wrap the floral wire with floral tape for a polished look. Add filler flowers, foliage and other accents to complete your arrangement.

Silk flower arrangements are practical because they are reusable and often less expensive than fresh floral arrangements. Creating a silk flower arrangement for outdoors is a simple and easy DIY project. With a great eye for floral arranging and the right tools, you can come up with a silk flower arrangement that will last long even under different weather conditions.


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