How To Create Your Own File Cabinet

To create your own file cabinet, you need to first determine the purpose and use of the file cabinet you are creating. Will it have a multi-purpose as an office desk, or a support for a computer monitor? Will it have a pull-out tray or just be used as a file cabinet? You also have the option to purchase a new cabinet from a discount office furniture store and add the drawers you need, improve an executive desk to create file cabinets, or prepare plans to create a metal, plastic or wood file cabinet from scratch.

If you intend to create a new file cabinet, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine the size and dimensions of the file cabinet you need.
  2. Sketch the design and style you want to fabricate.
  3. Decide on how many file drawers you want, and whether you need space for vertical or lateral files, a pull out tray, and a space for keys and other accessories.
  4. Estimate the amount of materials you need to purchase, including the metal sheets, plastic or plywood for the work surface and drawers, paints, varnish or stains, nails, sand paper, paint brushes, mounting tapes and pads, labels, and other finishing items.
  5. Put together the tools you need to sand, cut, and finish the surface.
  6. Purchase the items you from a home center and have the bigger work surfaces cut to size. It would be easier for you to do the finishing touches.
  7. Depending on the material you decide to use, fabricate the main frame of your file cabinet.
  8. Make the file drawers according to the dimensions you need. Make sure the drawers fit well and are easy to pull out and push in.
  9. If you decide to use wood, sand the plywood surface then remove the dust by cleaning the surface with a cloth with mineral spirits.
  10. Apply the paint or stain using the best application method for the type of material you used. To stain wood, use a cloth. If you are painting, you can use a paint brush or roller.
  11. Allow enough time for the first coating of the stain or paint to dry.
  12. When the first coating has dried, lightly sand the surface with finer sandpaper, and apply a second or third coat as necessary.
  13. After the last coating has dried, add the knobs and locks.
  14. Assemble your file cabinet, and fit in the file drawers.

Place the finished file cabinet where you want it positioned in a room. You can place it beside your executive desk if it fits the room layout. Fix your files according to how you want them organized. Place the lateral files where it is easy to view folder labels. Place the keys where they need to be stored and position all other items the file cabinet was intended for. Properly add the labels to easily find the items you need and add accessories as needed.


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