How To Create your Own Frames for Wall Mirrors

Finding the perfect mirror to go with your home décor can be a tiresome task. And even if you manage to find the correct one for your needs, it could turn out to be way over your intended budget. One good wall mirror alternative is creating a custom-designed frame yourself, rather than searching for the perfect frame at interior design shops. With a few available materials and using a little imagination, you can create something unique to proudly show off as your own design. Besides, choosing the correct colors will greatly enhance the beauty of your room, too.

To create a wooden frame you will need these things:

  • ½ inch thick plywood board
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • 2-inch trim
  • Decorative paint
  • Mirror
  • Mirror adhesive
  • Nail gun
  • Putty

First step is measuring the mirror. This is so you can cut the plywood backing and trims to the proper size. The materials for the backing and the trims for your frame can be found at your local wood shop. Have them cut the ½ inch thick plywood backboard to the desired size. The backing should be cut two inches larger than the mirror perimeter all around to fit in the trims. It will save you a lot of trouble if they will also cut the trims for the frame for you.

Now you are ready to assemble the frame. Place the plywood backing on a level surface, and place the mirror on the exact centre, making sure that the mirror is aligned on all sides. Mark the perimeter of the mirror on the plywood with a pencil. If the cutting is correct two inches will be left as allowance around all sides. Now remove the mirror and coat the area with mirror adhesive. Make sure you use only mirror adhesive for this purpose, as ordinary adhesives may gradually seep in through the mirror surface, therefore damaging it.

Place the mirror back onto the backboard in the exact position and press it down firmly.
Wait until the adhesive dries up and the mirror is firmly affixed onto the plywood.

Now turn the attention to the trim. It's better to finish painting the trim before you affix it, as you don't have to worry about the paint getting on the mirror. Also you can do the finishing or painting while you are waiting for the mirror adhesive to dry.

Make sure to carefully choose the paint or finish you want to use on the frame’s trim, so as to complement your room or house décor. You can hand paint or spray paint with acrylic or metallic colors, or use some good quality wood coat for a glossy finish, which can give your frame an old world charm. Spread the trims out to dry.

Lastly, assemble the frame. Place the backboard with the mirror stuck on it on a flat surface, and place the trims on the spaces around the perimeter. Use a nail gun to attach the trims to the backboard in precise positions. Hide any blemishes on the frame by using putty and touch up with paint if necessary.

Your own custom made framed mirror is ready to mount. This is an inexpensive and effective way to enhance your room’s look, plus you enjoy the added satisfaction of making it yourself.


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