How To Create Your Own Photo Gallery

Everyone loves to keep mementos of their favorite memories and what better way than using photographs; however, scattering your photos throughout a room does not have any impact and does not create a look of continuity. If you are trying to create a gallery of photographs, you will need to find the right location. Placing them in a hallway is not the best spot because viewers cannot view the photos at a correct distance and often hallways are too dark to see the pictures clearly.

Use these tips to create gallery of photos with style and unity in your living space where they can be admired by everyone.

Step 1

Mats and Frames for Your Pictures
Mats and frames enhance a picture, so you should always bring the photos with you when selecting mats and frames. The right colored mat can bring out the colors and details of a photo. The mat's color should coordinate with the colors in the room and also accent the photo. Correct mat size is also important. If you want a balanced border, don't choose a mat that is too narrow, as it will look skimpy. Be careful not to go too far the other way and pick a mat that overpowers the picture. You can check the effect by laying the mat over the photo.

You will also need to balance the width of the frame with the width of the mat; it will not look right if they are the same width. Avoid overwhelming a small photograph with a wide frame or using a skinny frame with a large photograph. This type of balance can be hard to judge, so trust your eyes. It may take experimenting with a wide variety of mats and frames to find the perfect combination.

When framing pictures, many people overlook the importance of photo-quality glass. Photo-quality glass is clearer and thinner than regular glass, which allows it to bring out the details of a photo. Non-glare glass is a bad idea with photographs because it diffuses the colors, which in turn blurs the details.

Lining all of your photos up right next to each other creates a cluttered look, but, on the other hand, one photo does not create much of an impact. Create a grouping of photos with a common color. Amazing drama and impact can be created with a grouping of black and white photographs. Even if you hang black and white photos of different subjects, they will look cohesive. You can create the same effect using color photographs. Use a bright color, such as yellow to unite a trio of photographs. One photograph may be of a child in a yellow raincoat. Another one may have a yellow daffodil, while the last one could be of a baby duck. The color in each photograph unites them. It you have photographs you want to group together that have no common color, create a common thread by using the same mat and frame for each one.

Step 2

Creating Photo Groupings on a Tabletop    
The same rules apply to tabletop groupings. Place similar subjects together or unite different themes with mats and frames that are the same. When choosing your frames, do not choose those that are too large or ornate: Your goal is not to detract from the photographs, but to highlight them.

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