How To Creatively Put Pictures on your Wall without Using Frames

Hanging your favorite family pictures and other photographs is a great way to personalize a space. However, if you want something different and are tired of using the same old picture frames, there are some things you can do to still put your pictures on display without having to use frames. Here are some creative ways to do it.

  • Print it on canvas. Make your photographs into works of art. Several companies now specialize in printing photographs on canvas that you can hang directly on the walls. Enlarged Black and white photographs look especially great when treated this way. Costco offers this service as well as and Once you have it, hang the photo art directly on the wall. Even without a frame, the picture will be able to stand alone.
  • Use a digital photo frame. This is a great option for your digital pictures that you aren’t able to print out but would like to put on display. Purchase a digital photo frame and mount it on the wall. Simply insert the appropriate memory card and plug in the frame. You’ll have an instant slide show of all your favorite pictures in full clarity. Go for a big sized digital photo frame if you can, which retails for about $150, depending on the size of the frame. There’s no need to change the pictures, only the memory card and enjoy your photographs in its full digital glory!
  • Hang it on a ribbon. You can also hang several pictures on a wall using a piece of ribbon or fisherman’s nylon string. Measure the height of the space that you can hang the pictures on and cut the string accordingly. Collect the pictures you want to put on display and lay it out on the floor. Tape the pictures on the length of the string. Next, tack or nail the string on the ceiling and let the pictures drop down. If you want to do more than one column of pictures, repeat the process.
  • Do it pre-school style. Run a length of nylon string on the wall and nail tack it. Next, use clothespins and hang your pictures! You can also do this to display your children’s work of art. You want something prettier than clothespins, you can also purchase metal curtain clamps and use those instead. These can be purchased for less than $15 at IKEA, Target and other home improvement centers.
  • Magnetize it. If you happen to have a whiteboard surface or a metal surface on your walls, attach pictures by using magnets. As a creative project, you can also buy some sheet metal and have it cut then mounted on a wall in your home. You now have a surface that you can put magnetic clips on to attach pictures. If you want to protect the pictures, you can purchase magnetic photo sleeves. Simply insert the picture in the plastic sleeve and stick it on the magnetic surface.

Try these options the next time you have some pictures you’d like to hang. Show off not only your photography skills, but also your creativity in putting it on display.


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