How To Cure Treat Concrete Sealer

First of all, what is a concrete sealer? As the name implies, it is used to seal in concrete and protect it from harsh elements such as water. Applying concrete sealer to concrete is very important to ensure that the concrete stays strong for a long period of time. Here are some of the important guidelines to remember to cure treat concrete sealer:

  • Cure the concrete. To cure concrete simply means to make sure that the fresh concrete doesn’t dry up too quickly, as this would cause it to be more prone to cracking and to become too weak. One of the most common and easiest ways to cure concrete is to use concrete curing oils and compounds available at hardware supply stores. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for best results. Usually, the concrete will finish its curing process after about 28 days.
  • Clean the concrete. After the concrete has been cured, you’d need to scrub it clean with detergent. Afterward, let it air-dry completely.
  • Apply the concrete sealer. Remember: once the concrete has been cured, it is very important that you apply the concrete sealer right away. This is because if left too long without a sealer, the concrete will be more prone to weakening due to its exposure to harsh elements. Before applying the concrete sealer, prepare it first by mixing it thoroughly. Avoid shaking it, to prevent the formation of air bubbles on the surface. Use a paint roller to apply the concrete sealer all throughout the surface area of the concrete, making sure that you apply it evenly. Eliminate surface bubbles as they arise. Work through to the edges, using a paintbrush for more precise application. Also know that you shouldn’t overdo the whole application process, as too much agitation of the concrete’s surface might result in it marring and foaming. 
  • You should also know the things to look for in a concrete sealer. If you want to give your concrete surface added protection from stains, you should opt for sealants with epoxy, acrylic or urethane. If you want it to be resistant to scratches, purchase sealants that have sodium silicate. If the concrete surface is exposed to sunlight for long hours, you might want to apply sealer that has UV inhibitors, and finally concrete that receives high traffic might be better off with a sealant that has epoxy. 
  • Let the concrete sealer dry. After application, the next step is to let the concrete sealer dry thoroughly. This will take several hours to a full day. 
  • Always wear protective gear. For curing and applying the concrete sealer, always make sure that you protect your hands and your eyes with heavy-duty gloves and goggles. You should also make sure that the area you are working in is well ventilated, so that the concrete will dry easily and so you won’t suffocate from the fumes.

There you have it! These are just some of the guidelines to remember to cure treat concrete sealer. It’s always important that you read the instructions of whatever concrete sealer and curing compound that you use, to ensure your project’s safety and maximum efficiency.


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