How To Cut a Bi-Fold Door

Bi-fold doors are typically double doors that can be folded when opened. Yes, you are probably familiar with other door types such as the sliding door. Well, the bi-fold door type is an alternative to these and is commonly used as a room divider that can easily open up by folding the doors as you open creating a single wide open space.

Typically, the structure of the door consists of 2 door panels connected together with hinges. The other panel is then attached to the door jamb via hinges but on the opposite direction or side of the other panel. The bottom and top parts of a bi-fold door are held in place by roller tracks and casing so that they can maintain a single line of motion once opened or closed. Now, since the space between the top and bottom parts of the door jamb may not coincide with the standard double door panels available, you will have to cut the trim so that the panels will fit perfectly. This being said, here are some steps on how to cut it just right.

  • Install the roller tracks. Assuming that you have not yet installed anything yet, start by installing the tracks that your bi-fold doors will follow when opening and closing them. Start with the top first. You will need to have joist screws in order to fasten the tracks as well as the “L” pivot bracket at the top. The tracks will be used for sliding the panels together and the bracket will allow the pivoting of each panel. Use screws to fasten it to the actual doorjamb. Once that is done, proceed to the bottom part of the doorway. At this point, you don’t need tracks since the door will practically hang from the top doorjamb. All you need for the bottom part is the “L” bracket with pivot pins.
  • Measure the space. Measure the entire length of the door and compare it to the entire height of the doorjamb. Basically, you will want to have a ½ inch space, at the least, between the bracket and tracks and the actual door. The door should be suspended completely. Obviously, if the measurements don’t match, then you will be required to cut the top or the bottom, or both. It is recommended to cut fractions of the measured space needed from both the top and bottom for a leveled look.
  • Cut the door panels. Now that you have the measurements for the cut, set it onto your miter saw via the blade markers and start cutting. Once you make the cuts, it is advisable to sand the top and bottom parts with fine-grit sandpaper to remove any loose splinters from the wood. Test out the door panels if they are good to go.

If the measurements are in line with the space you want, then install the pivot pins at the top and bottom part of the door panels and install the doors into the doorway. Make sure to check if there is enough space for the doors to open, fold, and close without any hindrance.


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