How To Cut Concrete

Cutting concrete blocks

Cutting concrete requires:

Saw (varies in size and type depending on depth of cut)
Proper blade (Varies on desired cut)
Tape measure
Chalk line
Safety equipment

Step 1

Evaluate cut desired: Note size and depth of concrete needing to be cut. Mark out location (use pencil, tape measure and chalk line) to identify cutting area.

Step 2

Prepare saw: Install the proper blade for desired cut (ex: if the depth of concrete is 3.5" you will need a 4"blade). NOTE:  Concrete contains silica particles.  I highly recommend using a saw with either a vacuum attachment or a water spray attachment. Typically diamond blades are used to cut concrete.

Step 3

Utilize proper safety gear: Eye protection and a respirator are a must, gloves and ear protection are also very helpful.

Step 4

Begin cut: Slowly lower saw unto concrete (hold saw firmly).  Note that cutting concrete should be done at a slower pace than cutting wood. The saw should remain in a stable position during the cut, as jostling of the saw will cause the blade to stall, or even worse, the saw may jump. Let the saw make the cut--don't force it to cut faster by applying more force. 

When cutting concrete, the most important tool is safety:

1. Get safety equipment.

2.Get the right saw for the job.


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